Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trade Mail from The Emerald City

This is a long overdue post of a trade I finished with Larry, the storekeeper at Emerald City Diamond Gems over a month ago.

One of the reasons its so late is because I wanted to take a picture of this... abundance of Angels cards that Larry mailed me. So many he sent them in a box.
He's a giver.

It's been so long now I don't even remember what I sent him in return. But I know it wasn't so many cards I needed a box to fit them.

So first I couldn't find the camera. Then I found out my son had it. Then it needed new batteries. Then I couldn't find the cable...anyhow, you get the idea.

Along with a ton of commons to fill team sets, the following cards were of particular interest to me.

Nice minor leaguers I've never heard of. I'll have to look them up on minorleagueaddressesplus to see if they have mailing addresses for these guys.

Fleer stickers!

This Jim Slaton Donruss card stands out because of the background:

Looks like a bunch of aliens in the stands eyeing to eat him up when he gets pulled. That or the stands are filled with giant frosted donuts.

A 2004 National Baseball Card Day Big Daddy Vladdy in chrome. I like it.

A sweet looking 1967 Topps Angels Rookie Stars. I have this card autographed by both players, but it's good to have a clean copy too.

1982 Topps Home Run Leaders. I didn't realize that Bobby Grich ever led the American League, well tied, with 3 other players, with 22 home runs. I'll have to see what his career totals are for HRs. Seems like an abnormality.

Joyner Rookie card!

A nice smackering of Tim Salmon. I dig the Dennys 3-d card.

Thanks again Larry for an awesome trade.

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  1. I like the relatively youthful looking Joyner image on his 1986 Donruss The Rookies card.