Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Book Store Find 2 of 4

Second of four issues of Legends Sports Memorabilia that I recently found at a Half Price Books.
November/December 1991
That's probably one of the prettiest covers I've ever seen.
Too bad I have no room to keep many full magazines, so I'll tear this one up and keep the card sheets.

Very nice group of Legends.
This might be considered Sergei Fedorov's rookie card. I remember pulling several of his rookies out of 91-92 Upper Deck Hockey.

Another cool part of the magazine is this subscription return envelope. Since it features Nolan Ryan, I'll include it into my Ryan binder.

Three different sports represented on the post cards this issue. I especially like the Bradshaw artwork.
I remember enjoying the Steelers teams of the mid 70's for a short time. I always wanted to be like Lynn Swan. After that though I couldn't stand them anymore and I was wholly devoted to the Patriots and Rams. The Steelers are one of my least-liked teams now.