Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gotta Take A Break

Gotta take a break, hopefully brief, from this blog and from my 1995 Skybox Emotion blog, I just don't have the energy right now.  I've been put into a new position at work and it's got me a little stressed out.  I know it's only for a season and this too shall pass, but I'm wiped.

I've enjoyed receiving lots of Angels lately, and I will get something back to all of you eventually, if I haven't already.  Bunches of TTMs have been coming in as well.  Getting mail has been very therapeutic!

Until then, thanks.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Steve Crawford Return

Steve signed these cards in 86 days from his home in Salina, OK.
Interesting that the "Crawford" looks a little different on both.
I'm thinking his hand just hit a snag as he was signing.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some Pretty Cool Angels From The Quarry

I made a trade a trade with Cards From The Quarry, and Johnny sent me some pretty sweet Angels cards.

2011 Topps 60 Jersey T60R-TH

Man, that's a great looking card!
Red jersey swatches are so much better than white ones.
Actually any color other than white, in my opinion, looks fantastic.
Don't get me wrong though, I'd definitely appreciate a white jersey card!

1994 Donruss #307

Quarry how did you know?
I've been quietly gobbling up Bo Jackson cards.
He looks great in an Angels uniform too.

1995 Fleer Ultra #23 Gold Medallion

See the little medallion in the upper right corner?
That's what makes this card even more cool than it already is.
Can't tell you how many times I've had to go back through my old Ultras to pull out the medallion cards.
One gold medallion was inserted in each foil pack.

1998 Aurora #34 Pennant Fever

Oooh, I love it when someone sends me a card that I've never seen before!
Johnny sent me three of these: this of Tim Salmon and the others being of Jim Edmonds and Darin Erstad.

1991 Fleer Logo Sticker

It's always great to get another Angels decal as well.

2008 Topps Update Gold #UH129

The gold cards are very difficult to spot.  You really have to look close, and in the right light, to see the gold foil name at the bottom.
I think that's the only difference between these and the regular issue cards which have silver foil.
There was a Joe Saunders gold card as well.

Another oh yeah!  Two more Todd Greenes.
1997 Topps baby Boomers #BB12 and a 1994 Upper Deck Minors #25.
I love Todd Greene Cards.

These along with a little stack of other Angels came in the package from the Quarry.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Angels Can Be Found At The Dollar Store

Sportscards From The Dollar Store had three Tim Salmon cards that I needed.  So in a PWE they came in the mail.  I meant to ask if he had pulled these from dollar store packs.

1995 Studio Gold #13
A Tim Salmon credit card... BRILLIANT!
A gold credit card with raised lettering, and a hologram sticker...

And facsimile authorized signature of Tim Salmon, and a magnetic strip on the back.
Looks and feels like a real creidt card to me!
Dare I try to use it?

1995 Fleer Pro Visions #5
Nice artistry.  See the Salmon jumping out of the water?
Also note the position of the ball (any of the balls) in relation to where Tim is looking.

1997 SP Marquee Matchups MM6
Nomo pitches, Salmon Swings.
Who do you think won the contest?

According to Retrosheet:
Salmon went 7 for 20 against Nomo, with 3 HR and 4 strikeouts.
Salmon gets the hit.

George Wright Return

Quick turnaround on these cards signed by George Wright, just 7 days from his home in nearby Arlington, Texas.

I needed George on the 1983 Topps for my set, and the 1984 for my side set collection.
More nice cards of Rangers in those sweet light blue uniforms.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

What I Won And What I Got From Cards On Cards

I won this on Listia from Madding (Cards On Cards).
I've always liked Bo Jackson, been fascinated by him actually, and I vividly remember the Bo Knows Bo hype in the 80's.  I saw something on TV about him recently, so now I'm going through my cards pulling out all the Bo Jacksons.
I didnt have this 1989 All-Star card so I bid on it and won.

This 2012 Topps Archives was up for grabs on the Cards On Cards blog so I asked for it and he graciously sent it over.
It's a hi-number SP.  Now I just need the Abbott and Joyner SPs for the team set.

On top of that he threw in a bunch of other Angels cards.

Nice 4-pack of 1999 Topps Stars.
It appears I have several versions of cards here: a Luminaries, a no star, a one star, and a two star.
They're all pretty cool cards.

Another nice design and great looking card, a 2012 Topps Heritage Chrome Torii Hunter 1237/1963.

Holy Victory!
A near half set of 2002 Upper Deck Victory!

And a gold Tim Salmon to boot!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Trade With Another Schedule Collector

Bob (not sure if he's a reader or not) contacted me.  He had done a search looking for other pocket schedule collectors and came across me.  He was looking for Mets schedules of which I had several but only one he needed.  He on the other hand had more than a few that I needed for my collection.  We made a deal.  I'm happy.

BTW, I have other teams schedules I'm willing to trade away for Angels schedules.
Just let me know.

1974 Busch back.

Several of these schedules filled years I was missing and the others filled backs I was lacking.

1977 JCPenney back.

Some great artwork on those old schedules.

1980 Ralphs back.

If you didn't know, often schedules were issued with the same front but with different sponsors on the back.

1982 Home Savings of America.

My other version is Gemco back.  My mom used to shop at Gemco when I was growing up in So Cal.

1983 Avco back.

Wow, simple at it's simplest.

1988 Budweiser back.

Lanky Mike Witt on the front.

1989 Budweiser back.

The All-Star Game was held at Anaheim Stadium in 1989.

1992 Budweiser back.

Bud was a big sponsor of the Angels in the 80's.

1998 Angels Mastercard back.

The stadium was redesigned in the Disney theme for 1998, and the named changed to Anaheim Angels.

2000 Edison International back.

Hence the changing of the stadium name from Anaheim Stadium to Edison International Field of Anaheim.
(See, this is where all the different names started...)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fun From Fuji

Such a variety of Angels stuff I'm just gonna show you.

The only comment I'll make is that I really do not like the look of Rod Carew in a head band.
Just doesn't sit well with me.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2001 Upper Deck Decade Available

Someone had a goal of collecting this set.  Can't remember who.  You need these?

121 Ron Blomberg
142 Boog Powell
179 Bucky Dent

Mike Marshall Return

Mike signed these in just 21 days from his office with the San Rafael Pacifics.
He even inserted them into a penny sleeve before returning them.
Mike played in 2 games with Angels in 1991 before retiring.