Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gotta Take A Break

Gotta take a break, hopefully brief, from this blog and from my 1995 Skybox Emotion blog, I just don't have the energy right now.  I've been put into a new position at work and it's got me a little stressed out.  I know it's only for a season and this too shall pass, but I'm wiped.

I've enjoyed receiving lots of Angels lately, and I will get something back to all of you eventually, if I haven't already.  Bunches of TTMs have been coming in as well.  Getting mail has been very therapeutic!

Until then, thanks.


  1. Rest up and I hope to see you back to blogging soon enough.

  2. I hope you come back soon. I know the feeling and I'm still trying to rev back up. I do have some stuff for you if you'll send me your address.

  3. Take care, man, and good luck with the new gig.

  4. Hurry back! I only just discovered the '95 Emotion blog, and I love that set!