Tuesday, January 31, 2023

POISON Package Pt 1

There's an ice storm blowing through North Texas, so we're hunkered down inside for a few days. I normally work from home anyhow, but the kids are home as well as their work places are also closed due to weather. It's kinda like a mini stay-cation. So it seems like perfect timing that I received a fat package of cards from follower POISON75 with lots of great stuff in it.

Set Cards

 Let's start with the two cards I needed to complete the 1983 Topps Base Set:

Well, they were last two I needed when he pulled from my wantlist. 

I'm in the process of inventorying my collection and updating my wantlists and I discovered the other day that my '83 Topps Angels team set was missing some cards. The team sets get top priority, so I pulled the missing cards from the '83 Base Set. So now, in actuality I'm still missing 6 cards.

But I'm VERY pleased to get those two, along with all these:
That's 50 of the 118 cards I need to complete the Traded Set. Wow!

And in that lot, there was this beautiful checklist:
Man, I love checklist cards.

Another set he hit was 1991 Classic Best:
Now I just need 23 to complete this base set, and two of those above will complete the Angels Team Set. Be looking for that post later.

Thanks POISON75, stay tuned for Pt 2.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Completed Angels Team Set - 1993 Classic Best

I recently received the last card I needed (Marquis Riley) from All Cardinals All The Time to complete this team set.

I've been able to get two of the cards signed: Hilly Hathaway and John Pricher.

If I had to rank this rookie class for their Angels service:
#1 Troy Percival - Ten seasons, 2002 World Series Champ, 4x All Star, Angels Career Games and Saves Leader.
#2 Orlando Palmeiro - Eight seasons, .281 AVG, 2002 World Series Champ.
#3 Jorge Fabregas - Six seasons, .247 AVG.
#4 Hilly Hathaway - Two seasons, 4-3 5.29 ERA.
#5 Kevin Flora - Five games, .111 AVG.
#6 Marquis Riley - Six years in Minors reaching AAA.
#7 John Pricher - Four years in Minors reaching AA.


Thursday, January 26, 2023

January ALMOST End-Of-Month Incoming

 A steady stream of trade returns for the month of Janaury. Thanks to everyone who sent stuff back. I know its not the end January yet, but I needed to clear this out, it's getting kinda long.

Johnnys Trading Spot
1969-1970 Fleer Baseball Quiz cards.
These are so cool. I've often been tempted to collect these sets, but it would be too much of an undertaking to commit to.

I won a couple weeks of freebies: one brought me a nice selection of Pujols cards. I have hopes that there may be a faint (very faint) possibility that when Pujols goes into the Hall he might go in as an Angel. But given the way he departed the Angels I think any hope of that is probably lost.
I was kinda getting tired of retro images of Ryan on newer baseball cards, but then I got this one, and the fire was rekindled.

The Diamond King
Kevin was downsizing some rookies so I selected the Jo Adell cards for obvious reasons. Bobby Witt Sr. is a local legend here in Rangers territory, he's also the brother of Angels Great Mike Witt. When I first heard of Witt Jr. I was intrigued and thought I'd at least keep an eye on him. I think he has some real potential, so I selected some of his cards as well.

Dollar Store Cards
Doug included some really nice Angels cards, with some beautiful Mike Trout Optics and some Patroits as well, including this one:
Sometime in the future, I'll be talking old Patriots with someone, and they'll say, "Remember that time when Cam Newton played for them?" I'll shake my head and say "Nuh-uh, you're FOS." Then he'll pull this card out. I'm still in denial that it ever happened, I'm not a fan.

Baseball Cards Come To Life
When I opened the PWE and saw these I thought "Surely (don't call me Shirley) I already have half of these, they're pretty common." But NO! Need them all. Thanks for checking the wantlist Bo.

Topps Cards That Never Were
The little 1987 Don Sutton is a box bottom cut. I need to try to find the whole panel now.

That's fourteen 2004 Topps Traded & Rookies Checklist puzzle pieces (and some even fit together!). A big chunk towards the 110 cards in this massive puzzle, which I didn't realize was a puzzle until Jeremy set me straight. I was just trying to collect the checklists, of which there are basically 10, but now I want to complete the puzzle. It's on my wantlist if you want to help out... 

Randy Sahlstrom
Four more for the 444 collection. That brings me up to 102 cards.

Randy also sent the six missing 1991 Upper Deck cards I needed to re-complete this set.

Diamond Jesters
I've mentioned a few times that I'm in sore need of Angels from the last few years, so these are very welcomed.

Card As I See Them
Yay, more 2004 Traded & Rookies Checklists for the massive 110-card checklist puzzle.
The Syndergaard card is pretty sweet. He looks a little cartoony but it works. And two more for the Vladdy collection.

Johnnys Trading Spot
It's not often that someone sends you a bunch of old Angels pocket schedules. I actively collected these for the Angels until several years ago. At some point I'll have to catch up. Do teams still print out pocket schedules anymore?

All Cardinals All The time
The Marquis Riley completes the team set for 1993 Classic Best. The Joyner is one I needed for his PC. And two more towards the Stadium Club Info Cards set I'm working on.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

One Page of Adrian Garrett

This series will highlight "one page" at a time from my binder of correspondence and autographs from former Angels players and personnel.

   Adrian Garrett C, 1B, OF, DH California Angels 1975-1976.

Purchased by the California Angels from the Chicago Cubs, July 1975.

Atlanta Braves (1966)
Chicago Cubs (1970)
Oakland Athletics (1971–1972)
Chicago Cubs (1973–1975)
California Angels (1975–1976)
Hiroshima Toyo Carp (1977–1979)

"My life has been wrapped around baseball, the most memorable thing for me is the many great friends I have made, and seeing some of the best players in history play. I started playing little league at 8 years old, and I am still coaching."

Correspondence received April 2004 via his home in Manchaca TX.

Garrett passed away April 22, 2021 at the age of 78.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Antique Mall Junk Wax Pt 3

 1991 Classic Best

Two bucks a pack was worth the rip since I still have 33 cards I'm lacking to complete this base set.
I also needed a wrapper to keep with the set as well.

Nope. Didn't need any of these, got them all.

Standout Card:
His name is Batchelor, anyone wonder why?

Well, I pulled one card I needed #56 Rod Bolton.

Getting better: pulled two cards I needed: #361 Aaron Small and #58 Hugh Walker.

Now down to 30 cards I need to complete the set though.

Worth it? Yes.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Antique Mall Junk Wax Pt 2

 1991 Upper Deck Football High Series

I chose these packs because 1991 Upper Deck is the only football set I have. I recently picked up the box of high numbers so I could complete the base set, but I'm still lacking the Namath Heroes set. Hopefully I can pull a couple of those from these packs. I also needed this wrapper, and I'll need a low series wrapper at some point as well.

Nice action shot of John Stephens.
7/12 high numbers, good ratio.

Team MVP hot pack.
2/12 high numbers. I would not have been happy in 1991.

Nice! High Number Rookie Force hot pack!
7/12 high numbers.

Standout Card Back:
Not just because there are Patriots, I just think this is a fantastic action shot.

Uh-oh back-to-back packs with a Montana card.
2/12 high numbers.

Standout Card Back:

Donald Duck on vacation?

Nice shot of Steve Tasker, and great action shot of a Robert Brown tackle.
7/12 high numbers.

Well, didn't pull any Namath Hero cards.

The Rookie Force cards are spoken for, but the rest are available for trade.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Antique Mall Junk Wax Pt 1

I knew of a vendor at my local antique mall that sold card packs, but's its been about a year since I went last so I wasn't sure he was still there. I've been itching to rip something junk so I headed over. I dont know why I chose hockey, maybe the "Premier Edition" hooked me, and the fact that I've had 1991 Upper Deck baseball on my mind lately. Here is Part 1 of my take.

1990-91 Upper Deck Hockey at a buck a pack. Why not?


Three goalie cards, always cool. The card that stands out to me though is Ron Tugnutt's. I remember him as being an original Mighty Duck, selected by them in the '93 Expansion Draft. He appeared in 28 games for them before moving on to the Canadiens.

Two Star Rookies and a Rookie Team card in this pack. And two of those traditional Upper Deck team checklist cards, which are cool but I kinda get tired of.

I looked up some of the cards I pulled. Apparently, there are like 4 different hologram logo variations for each card. Sheesh!

All are available for trade.