Monday, January 23, 2023

Antique Mall Junk Wax Pt 3

 1991 Classic Best

Two bucks a pack was worth the rip since I still have 33 cards I'm lacking to complete this base set.
I also needed a wrapper to keep with the set as well.

Nope. Didn't need any of these, got them all.

Standout Card:
His name is Batchelor, anyone wonder why?

Well, I pulled one card I needed #56 Rod Bolton.

Getting better: pulled two cards I needed: #361 Aaron Small and #58 Hugh Walker.

Now down to 30 cards I need to complete the set though.

Worth it? Yes.


  1. Remind me in the coming weeks about this set. I am almost able to reach the dupe boxes in my garage, almost there.

  2. I've been wanting this set for a few years now. This weekend I went to the flea market and a guy had a factory set (not sealed). I picked it up and looked at it... but there were obviously cards missing, so I set it back down. If he still has it next month and I can grab it for a few bucks, I will and maybe I can help you complete this set.