Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Completed Team Set - 1988 MacGregor Action All Pro Football Game Patriots

I was looking through my Patriots want list and saw that I needed 1988 MacGregor Action All Pro Football Game cards. Not knowing what they were I went to eBay and found the Patriots team set for pocket change.

I'm not sure how this 160-card NNO set was originally issued, I'm assuming in some sort of game. And I don't know how the game would have been played. I believe all the photos were taken at the 1987 Pro Bowl.
TCDB has the Patriots team set listed as the first three cards shown above. Fortunately, the seller included the fourth card as well.
I appreciate the photo of the barefooted Tony Franklin on the FIELD GOAL card. Wide Receiver Stanley Morgan somehow made it onto both the RUN card and the PASS card, even though Mosi Tatupu was the starting FB.

That fourth card has a barely noticeable Andre Tippett on the left chasing down a Giants running back, Joe Morris maybe? Good eye on the seller to include this card in the Patriots team set, since they could have gone with the Giants or Chiefs (Lloyd Burriss). The only other Patriot to not make it on a card was reserve Raymond Clayburn.
The backs are pretty plain. I also have to assume that there are AFC DEFENSE and NFC OFFENSE cards even though the Patriots don't have those backs.


  1. Never heard of these before... but there's a Largent in the set that I need.

  2. I've never heard of it either, but it seems like they'd be part of a board game.

  3. Interesting! Cool stuff from the Patriots lean years.