Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Junk Mall Junk Wax Wednesday

 Ripping a random pack of junk wax from the local junk mall.

Thought I'd rip another one of these since it's Stanley Cup time.
Pack of four cards plus a checklist card with the chance to pull a Game Jersey, Signature Collection autograph, The Great Career, or a The Rookie Year parallel.

Base Cards

The Rookie Year parallel cards


I'm not a hockey collector, except for a Theo Fleury PC, but I'm so intrigued by these I might go back a get a few more packs.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Playing Catchup With TCDB Trades #63 Thru #68

 TCDB #63 ckevink

Love these!
Those '86 Winning Pitch Game cards is a series I had overlooked until recently. There are 18 different cards to get, these two got me going. The Company Store cards have several variations, white card stock being one of them.

I didn't realize it until scanning these that I had picked out two Angels stickers that fit together for a Roger Clemens puzzle!

TCDB #64 jj00148
Easy trade knocking out some 2005 Topps.
2005 was one of those years that Angels cards are listed as either "Los Angeles" or "Anaheim" making it a bear to sort things out on TCDB.

TCDB #65 francoisangers
1992 Impel DC Cosmic
My son had opened a few packs of these when he was a kid, so I figured I would start working on completing the set for him. These come from Canada.

Where best to get Theo Fleury cards than from Canada?
Several of those are the Canadian version, The Upper Deck is a hologram variation, and the Topps Team Scoring Leaders card has his name misspelled "Fluery" on the back.

Got all these for a bunch of Topps Animated Batman cards.

TCDB #66 yrrcwc

Angels and player PC needs traded for a bunch of 2002-2004 Upper Deck.

TCDB #67 capewood
Found old blogger Capewood's Collections on TCDB (or I saw that another blogger had recently traded with him, can't remember) so I reached out for a trade. I had a bunch of '95 E-Motion and Upper Deck cards to trade for the 2007 Turkey Red set I'm working. That Mantle card is fantastic.

TCDB #68 JEGoethe

Second trade with JEGoethe and got some more great stuff including Topps Gold, Topps Cyberstats, Topps Holiday, PC cards, and the last 1994 Score Stadium Checklist card I needed.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

1994 Score Stadium Checklist Subset

Completed this subset of MLB stadium checklist cards in the 1994 Score set, 99% of the cards obtained through TCDB trades in the last two months.

Boy they look good on a sheet don't they?
I think the full aerial views where you see the stadium structure as well as the field are my favorites.

Stadiums I've seen a game at:
Baltimore Camden Yards
Boston Fenway Park
California Angels Stadium
Detroit Tiger Stadium
Kansas City Kauffman Stadium
New York Yankee Stadium
Texas Arlington Stadium
Los Angeles Dodger Stadium
New York Shea Stadium
Philadelphia Veterans Stadium
St. Louis Busch Stadium

You get a good representation of which teams got the most cards. Look at the difference between the Orioles (!) checklist and the Padres: 30 to 12.

Now on to the Gold Rush version, which I think won't be as easy to trade for.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Recent Thank You Cards

Such a great community this is when all you have do is comment to get some free cards as a thank you. Not that I only commented FOR the free cards, I try to comment as often as I can, many times though I just don't have anything to say.

The Diamond King wanted some feedback on a Card Collection Tool he had developed. I offered a couple thoughts/ideas which then won me the chance to pick out 6 cards from a bunch he offered up.

I was a little late to the picking party but fortunately these Trouts were still available.
Some really nice stuff, that Lasting Legacies - Gold Mint is especially sweet.

The Collector recently held a 600th post celebration, with a quiz about his collecting habits, which was pretty cool. I only got 3 out 6 (and one of those was a gimme) which is a 50% meaning I technically failed. But I still got some free stuff!

1991 Action Packed Rookie/Update #53

Another Trout Stars of the MLB but that's fine by me!

Thanks for the prizes guys, keep up the great blogging.

Friday, May 26, 2023

TCDB Transactions #61 JEGoethe and #62 Hebron Reds Fan

 TCDB #61 JEGoethe

1987 Leaf
With two more cards in transit, that leaves me with just one card to complete the set, #191 Rickey Henderson.

I keep pecking away at this 1989 set but it seems like I'm not getting any closer to the end.
Still needing about 150. At an average of say 8 cards a trade, that'll take me about 18 more trades to complete!

TCDB #62 Hebron Reds Fan

1992 Score Rookie & Traded
This knocks out the Angels team set in one fell swoop.
I think that Salmon is a fairly underrated rookie card.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Junk Mall Junk Wax Wednesday

 Ripping a random pack of junk wax from the local junk mall.

1991 Classic Four Sport
Which always boggled me because nowhere on the package or the card does it say, "Four Sport".
Pack of 12 cards with a chance to pull an autograph card, a Limited Print card, or a French version. 

Not a fan of the design, it's way too busy for me.

About 25% of the cases produced have English/French backs (as opposed to just English), giving them a bit of a premium.
I lucked out and got one of those English/French packs.

Monday, May 22, 2023

My TCDB 60th And It Was A Big One

Biggest trade by far at 99 cards, plus he sent an additional 9 extra! And from Canada at that. I had reservations that shipping that many cards (I sent 100) to Canada would bust me financially but following sandyrustys tips on the best way to ship (and Bo's recent post that it works), it totally worked out! The 100-card large envelope I sent him only cost me $6 and change.

TCDB #60 sandyrusty

Thats 108 cards there.

Here are some of my highlights:
The Golden Age Ryan is great except that he's obviously in an Angels uniform, but they got the colors all wrong: wrong shades of blue and red.

He had a lot of Joyner cards available, so I figured I'd beef up my PC.
Noticed that the background picture on the '94 Select is near the same as the photo on the '94 Pinnacle.

A couple for the Tanana PC and I'm always surprised when I see him in a Yankees uniform.

2001 Topps #92
This Scott Karl counts as an Angels card because in tiny font in the lower right it says, "Traded to Angels."

1994 Score
Just one more to go (Yankees, and hopefully already on the way) to complete this stadium subset.

These are the extras he sent. Those 1988 Leaf complete the team set for me.

And the bulk of all the other stuff.

This went so well that I'm sure I'll be trading more frequently with my Canadian friends.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

TCDB Transactions #58 A billion trades, and #59 Gapporin

TCDB #58 A billion trades

There had been some issues with this member returning trades, his feedback was sketchy, and I waited to mail until the cards arrived from him, but I got my cards just fine and he included his traditional DVD. Different strokes.

TCDB #59 Gapporin

2001 Bowman Gold Vaughn, Contreras, Torres
2001 Bowman Uncirculated Silver Gorneault 141/245
2007 Bowman Blue 300/500, and Gold Santana
2007 Bowman Prospects Gold Peel
2021 Topps Heritage Pujols

Friday, May 19, 2023

Back-to-Back Wins

 Always nice to be a winner at Johnny's Trading Spot, even better when it's back-to-back!

First Envelope

2020 Topps Chrome Update Sapphire Edition #U-49

2020 Topps Holiday - Metallic

2020 Topps Allen & Ginter - Mini Black Border

Second Envelope

Personally, I wouldn't say Alex Bregman was a stud.

2021 Bowman - Chrome Prospects Mojo Refractor

2022 Topps Chrome Logofractor Edition #25