Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Playing Catchup With TCDB Trades #63 Thru #68

 TCDB #63 ckevink

Love these!
Those '86 Winning Pitch Game cards is a series I had overlooked until recently. There are 18 different cards to get, these two got me going. The Company Store cards have several variations, white card stock being one of them.

I didn't realize it until scanning these that I had picked out two Angels stickers that fit together for a Roger Clemens puzzle!

TCDB #64 jj00148
Easy trade knocking out some 2005 Topps.
2005 was one of those years that Angels cards are listed as either "Los Angeles" or "Anaheim" making it a bear to sort things out on TCDB.

TCDB #65 francoisangers
1992 Impel DC Cosmic
My son had opened a few packs of these when he was a kid, so I figured I would start working on completing the set for him. These come from Canada.

Where best to get Theo Fleury cards than from Canada?
Several of those are the Canadian version, The Upper Deck is a hologram variation, and the Topps Team Scoring Leaders card has his name misspelled "Fluery" on the back.

Got all these for a bunch of Topps Animated Batman cards.

TCDB #66 yrrcwc

Angels and player PC needs traded for a bunch of 2002-2004 Upper Deck.

TCDB #67 capewood
Found old blogger Capewood's Collections on TCDB (or I saw that another blogger had recently traded with him, can't remember) so I reached out for a trade. I had a bunch of '95 E-Motion and Upper Deck cards to trade for the 2007 Turkey Red set I'm working. That Mantle card is fantastic.

TCDB #68 JEGoethe

Second trade with JEGoethe and got some more great stuff including Topps Gold, Topps Cyberstats, Topps Holiday, PC cards, and the last 1994 Score Stadium Checklist card I needed.


  1. Now that is covering a lot of territory.

  2. I hope one day you collect all 18 1986 Winning Pitch cards and show them off. Never knew people collected them until today. I used to use them as fillers for boxes by folding them in half. Other times, I'd just toss them.

  3. The DC Cosmic set has never, and still doesn't, gotten a lot of love, but I loved that set as a kid, and to me it ranks right up there alongside the Marvel Universe sets.