Friday, May 26, 2023

TCDB Transactions #61 JEGoethe and #62 Hebron Reds Fan

 TCDB #61 JEGoethe

1987 Leaf
With two more cards in transit, that leaves me with just one card to complete the set, #191 Rickey Henderson.

I keep pecking away at this 1989 set but it seems like I'm not getting any closer to the end.
Still needing about 150. At an average of say 8 cards a trade, that'll take me about 18 more trades to complete!

TCDB #62 Hebron Reds Fan

1992 Score Rookie & Traded
This knocks out the Angels team set in one fell swoop.
I think that Salmon is a fairly underrated rookie card.


  1. Whoa. Had zero idea about that Canadian Greats Eichhorn.

  2. I've traded with at least HRF of the two you posted about this time. Very cool that you're one card away from '87 Leaf! Good luck with '89 UD.

  3. It may be going slower than you wanted, but I don't think that you'll have any trouble finishing your UD set via TCDB. I can only imagine how many people have those up for trade on there.