Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Baseball and Other Sets Wantlist Update

Updated and added a couple more sets I'm collecting, also added some photos to the sets already there to give folks a quicker reference to what the set looks like.
See the tab for more details on the specific cards needed.

Here follow some of the newer interests:
Fleer 1997-1998 Million Dollar Moments
Need 37/50

1994 Collectors Choice Team vs. Team Scratch-Offs
Perforated fold card with scratch-off on the inside.
Need 7/15

1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack Team Scratch-Offs
Need 28/30

1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack All-Star Scratch-Off
Perforated fold card with scratch-off on the inside.
Need 6/9

2013 Topps Pennant "Ever Wonder" Team Cards
Need 15/28

1993 Triple Play Action Baseball
Perforated fold card with the scratch-off on the inside.
Need 29/30

1998 Fleer Diamond Ink Point Cards
Each player has a 1, 5, and 10 point version card.
11 players = 33 different cards
Need 31/33

2002 Topps Ticket To History 1952 World Series Tickets
Fold-out stub you fill out and tear off to enter the contest.
7 tickets in the set.
Need 5/7

Any help gathering these up will be much appreciated and the favor will be returned.

Trade Mail From Night Owl

The Three Poses of Trout: Batting, Stealing, Homering.

I enjoy these type items for the team set, but was anyone going ape over these (no pun intended)?
Any set collectors going after the wacky stickers?, There are tons of them at all the Dollar Generals in my area, usually a sign that the set was a dud.

I had a Trumbo PC until about a year after he left the Angels, but I had to cut him. I have enough PCs as it is, and I lost interest in him. We should have called these "Rusty Barn" parallels.

I purposely scanned Mike Napoli in the upper left, before Jeff Mathis, because I'll never forgive Mike Scioscia for choosing Mathis over Napoli. Napoli is by FAR the better player.

Great cards Greg, thanks for the mail.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trade Mail From Card Buzz

I was sorting through some 1992 Upper Deck and started seeing a bunch of those "themed" cards, you know, player in sunglasses, signing autographs, etc. I remembered that Laurens of Card Buzz collects those, he even has a long want list of cards he's looking for. So I sent a stack that I pulled at the end of a day of sorting through all kinds of baseball cards.

Laurens wanted to send me something in return, a Tim Salmon card from my want list. Sweet!

1993 SP Platinum Power PP16
This set featured 20 of the games top home run hitters. Pretty nice company for a young slugger like Salmon to be in. Salmon would go on to hit 31 home runs in 1993, his first full season, but in his unofficial rookie season of 1992 he hit only 2 in 23 games.
The designers at SP must have been counting on his potential when they selected him for this subset.

2005? Upper Deck Rewards
Laurens also included this nifty promotional card for my collection.
Its one of those ten-times-as-thick-as-a-normal-card stiffeners.
Pack searchers call these "fake relics".
Imagine the disappointment!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Three And Done?

I dunno. I'm pretty sure I didn't actually purchase any Topps packs last year, for a variety of reasons, one being that I'm just tired of Topps. My family probably gave me some for Fathers Day, or Christmas, but I couldn't bring myself to actually pay for their product.

2017 Topps Series 1, Target
12 cards per pack

This year I just bought my first packs, three to be exact, and they might be my last, we'll see.
No long commentary about Topps and their products, I'm just gonna show what I pulled, and note a few observations.

Some interesting things going on in those two cards above:

Everyone else cheers a Cubs win, this guy chugs his beer.

Gotchya nose!

I'm not a fan of this years design, but the photography is really good.
The Jean Segura card is cool, you can see the dirt flying off his glove from the scoop. 

Ah, 1987 retros again, this time with fancy silver embossing.
These have an almost plastic feel about them.
The Gold Glove card is a Target only pull.

Cant say I've paid too much attention to these anti-theft inserts, but I think this is the first time I've noticed them using the brown cardboard.

12/12 cards + 1 anti-theft

 When I heard a while ago that Sean Rodriguez was in a car accident, it didn't dawn on me that it was this Sean Rodriguez. Then I saw this card and I thought, "He's still in baseball?" (thinking he's been around forever, I remember him with the Angels, a long time ago, thought he had retired). Then I see on the back of his card that this is only his 10th season.

Hey, how about that? I pulled a used dime-box card with a bronze-foil embossed REDISCOVER TOPPS! Compared to some I've seen, this one is in really good shape.

13/12 cards, Bronze Rediscover Topps

Beltre's card has my head swimming, as I stumble off to the left.

Miguel Sano's Rainbow Foil parallel scanned really, really nicely, almost looks 3-D.

12/12, and not a single Angels card in three packs.

So, again, the jury is still out as to whether or not I buy any more Topps this year.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Trade Mail From CMMDTO

Wow Jared just sent two big piles of cards, separated into a "Just Because" pile and a "From Wantlists" pile. Cool! That makes it easy to immediately know which cards I need to cross off my wantlist. And as backed up as I am with sorting, that helps a ton!

The Salmon wantlist is long, it's nice to knock off 6 cards at once.
I like the Hobby Reserve stamped version of 1997 Score.

But wait, there's more.
Nine more Tim Salmon off the massive wantlist!
The 2001 Topps in the upper right shows tell-tale signs of "card stick" scratching, usually found on older packs of unopened cards that after a while have started to exchange molecules.
I've torn through some old packs of 92 Fleer Excel Minors and the only card front not damaged was the top card.

2016 Topps Opening Day Mascots M-3
It's been a while since I've actually been to an Angels game, kinda hard since I live in Texas, but I'm amazed this little guy is still a player.

2008 Upper Deck X Xponentials
It's really great that folks are checking my wantlists, and hitting these Xponentials.
The X3 and X4 were really hard to pull from packs.

1991 Pacific Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan in an Angels uniform is one of my favorite sights.
Pecking away at this set. I have a few of these signed by umpires that were a part of his no-hitters.
And I have the one of Ryan and Frank Tanana signed.

2016 Topps Opening Day OD-193 Blue Foil
One of the better Topps parallel designs I've seen in a while.
I've really been burned out on Topps and the myriad of parallels the last several years.
It's a beating trying to chase these down, that's why I'm so thankful for trade partners, there's no way I'd be able to purchase all of these.

2007 Turkey Red Chrome No99, 1046/1999
"Dustin was a first round pick of the Reds..."
Whatever happened to Dustin Moseley?

2004 Fleer Patchworks National Patchtime NP-TG
Sweet card.
The back says that this is from an authentic game-worn jersey, worn by Troy Glaus.
I wonder which road uniform he gave up, and how much money he made giving it up? Do players pay for their own uniforms?

And all the rest of this really great trade package.
Thanks Jared!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Baseball Card #444 - 1990 Topps

This card came in a package from All Trade Bait recently, pulled it out to have it's own post.

Kyle Abbott nails the first Angels card numbered 444 for this collection.
Technically he's not an Angel yet though as he's just been drafted and he's shown in his Long Beach State uniform.
That's what makes this card so cool, because CSULB is my Alma Mater.

And Kyles number 444 is found in the upper left corner.

Thanks again Oscar!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Checkin It Off - 1974 Topps Team Checklists

A recent trip to the LCS enabled me to complete this checklist set. Not done in the traditional checklist style, which is the style I prefer to collect, the team checklists from 1973 and 1974 Topps are a special exception since they're so cool.

Twenty-four teams in 1974 = twenty-four checklist cards.

Here's an example of the back, and of the off-centeredness often associated with older Topps cards.
Interesting that "Coaches" is abbreviated "Co'h's".
I don't think I've ever seen double-apostrophes in an abbreviation.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Baseball Card #444 - John Burke

Here's a Baseball Card numbered 444 that came from Mr. Haverkamp.

John Burke of the Rockies not only gets a Top Prospect card in the 1993 Upper Deck set...

He's also card number 444 in the set!

I can now add this one to the list of cards in the growing collection.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Trade Mail From Stealing Home

Stealing Home is also Oscar who is also All Trade Bait All The Time. A man of many talents. Oscar dropped me a nice PWE to get the season going, he's pretty cool that way.

2016 Topps #227 Rainbow Foil Parallel
I'd say that's a nice start.
I always liked David Murphy when he was here with the Rangers, a fan favorite. I wish he could have had more of an impact with the Angels.

Yep, that's enough to start the season well.

Thanks Oscar!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Trade Mail From Mr. Haverkamp

Received an envelope out-of-the-blue from Mr. Haverkamp. This envelope wasn't stuffed, but everything inside was FAT!

1975 Hostess Bill Singer #82
This card was on my Top Ten for a while, the last card I needed for the Angels Team Set.
Johnny Bench and Gaylord Perry were also on this 3-card panel.
I don't think I'll be chasing down a copy of the complete panel anytime soon.

1960 Topps #386
Another down for the Dodgers team set, which is a very large team set when you add in all the World Series cards.

1982 Fleer Baseball Stamps
Fifteen more towards completing the sticker album, only 30 more to go.
Can't wait to lick and stick!

Jim also included 2 more baseball cards numbered 444 but I'm saving those for future posts.

A very nice, unexpected surprise, thanks Jim!