Sunday, April 2, 2017

Trade Mail From Cardboard Clubhouse

The trades keep rolling in. This year is off to the hottest start ever as far as trading goes. I think I've received, and sent, more trade packages already this year than I did all of last year. And last year was the first #supertraders year. This latest post shows off the great stuff I recently got from Cardboard Clubhouse.

2015 Allen & Ginter #206 Black X
Somehow I missed the A&G 10th Anniversary Issue celebration, which tells you that this is the first card I've gotten for this parallel set. Didn't even know about it.
Good for A&G to make it 10 years, it's probably one of the better sets out there.

 2015 Diamond Kings #103
2015 Donruss Preferred Luxury Terrace #18, 143/199
Luxury Terrace?
Can someone explain that to me?
Can someone also explain why Mike is wearing a black belt on one card and a red belt on the other?
He seems to normally be the model of consistency.

1991 Fleer Angels Logo Sticker
A couple posts back I showed the logo sticker on the left and explained that there was a variation to it. Well, on the right is that variation sticker that came in this package.
You can see the difference in the "TM" symbols, that's essentially the variation, and is so on most of the other team stickers in the set.
Since I'm collecting Fleer Logo Sticker sets, I'm also collecting the variations, so I'm especially pleased to have this one.

1984 Fleer Angels Logo Sticker
This one does not have a variation, but other teams in the set do. Some of them have the left-to-right order of the background colors reversed.
Lots to look for on these stickers most folks peeled and stuck or just threw away.

2012 Topps Heritage Chrome #HP39 Black Refractor 51/63
Wow, that is a beautiful card, and a nice low-numbered pull.
I dig the pitted background too.

1976 Topps #304 Angels Team and #204 Frank Tanana Strikeout Leaders
1977 Topps #34 Angels Team
Oh Man, I remember the Ryan/Tanana strikeout duo back in the 70's, they were dominant. I think those two alone still hold probably 8 of the top 10 all-time Angels season strikeout records.
I bet Laurens will verify that.

And all the rest. I think there's a few in there I needed to that complete some of the teams sets.

All appreciated Adam, thanks.