Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Trade Mail From Night Owl

The Three Poses of Trout: Batting, Stealing, Homering.

I enjoy these type items for the team set, but was anyone going ape over these (no pun intended)?
Any set collectors going after the wacky stickers?, There are tons of them at all the Dollar Generals in my area, usually a sign that the set was a dud.

I had a Trumbo PC until about a year after he left the Angels, but I had to cut him. I have enough PCs as it is, and I lost interest in him. We should have called these "Rusty Barn" parallels.

I purposely scanned Mike Napoli in the upper left, before Jeff Mathis, because I'll never forgive Mike Scioscia for choosing Mathis over Napoli. Napoli is by FAR the better player.

Great cards Greg, thanks for the mail.


  1. As a catcher Scioscia choose Mathis for defensive skills and Napoli's bat hadn't come around yet and in the end he choose neither and the let both go, looking back you would want Napoli's bat and maybe save the Pujols Contract but that was Jerry DiPoto for you! I'm so glad he can f up somebody elses team (Seattle).

  2. You're welcome. Those MLB team Wackies were wack.

  3. No bite to the gags on the new Wacky Packages. The originals were raunchier than the current set wanted to go, I think it was a nice nod to the past, but it was missing the spirit of the original.