Monday, December 31, 2012

Mini's From The Community

But I had to ask twice to get them.

And that's because I thought I had more of the team than I actually did.  

Community Gum busted 2 boxes of Topps Minis and posted about all that they had to trade.
I asked Jon about 3 Angels that I knew I needed: Trumbo, Trumbo, and Trout.
And I thought that was all I needed for the team set.
So after receiving the cards and putting them in the binder I realized I was still 5 cards short.

Jon had two more of the cards I needed, the Haren and Abreu, so I asked about those as well
and he sent them right over.

Now I just lack three:
#277 Moore
#331 Pujols
#575 Richards

Any help appreciated.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ryans "Angels" Memorabilia

Made a trade a while back, I think, with Ryan's Memorabilia Blog.  I say "I think" because if you're like me I usually don't get around to posting about trades until about at least a month after their completed.

With that, I think I sent Ryan something in return for this card:

2012 Topps Update Mike Trout variation card.
I'm really hoping Trout will avoid the sophomore slump and get off to a hot start in 2013.

Ryan sent a bunch of other Angels cards as well, I picked a few out below.

2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Mark Teixeira.
Tex ended up only playing in 54 rental games for the Halos in 2008.
Oh to think what might have been.

1998 Stadium Club #372 Cecil Fielder.
Another one season wonder that didn't really pan out for the Angels.

2008 Topps Trading Card History TCH38 Vladimir Guerrero.
This guy worked out in a big way.
I like the retro 1961 Post design on these.

2003 Topps Chrome Blue #116 David Eckstein.
Scrappy little 2002 World Series Champion.

1999 Pacific Omega #7 Chris Pritchett.
Chris played in 56 games over 3 seasons with the Angels.

1998 Stadium Club #12 Jim Edmonds.
Another one to think what might have been.
AFTER his 7 seasons with the Angels he played for 12 more, 3 All Star Games, 6 straight Golden Gloves, a Silver Slugger, and hit 272 home runs.
Do you remember what the Angels got in return for Edmonds?
Kent Bottenfield and Adam Kennedy.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Rick Ownbey Return

Rick Ownbey signed this 1983 Topps and 1983 Fleer card in 22 days from Fallbrook, CA.
This was my second attempt to Rick as the first attempt send to Oceanside, CA came back RTS.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bobby Johnson Return

Bobby signed this 1983 Topps for my set and the 1984 Topps for my side project (I call it a side project because trying to complete both sets autographed is too overwhelming) in 9 days from his home in Denver, Colorado.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sweet Salmon From Napkin Doon

And all I had to do is ask!

1994 Fleer Extra Bases, Game Breaker #25

1994 Fleer Extra Bases, Second Year Star #18
Two more down off the extensive Salmon Wantlist.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Are You A 1992 Topps Gold Winner?

Anyone have 1992 Topps Gold Winner on their wantlist?

I have about 30ish different to get rid of.

Point me to your wantlist and I'll see if I can fill it.

Got a bunch of 1993 Topps Gold to go too.

Shane Loux Return

Shane signed these team issued cards in 161 days care of the San Francisco Giants.
Shane was with the Angels in 2008 and 2009.

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Pack of Panini

And this will be my only purchased pack of 2012 Panini Cooperstown.  
I'm not impressed.

2012 Panini Cooperstown, 5 cards per pack.
Nice looking wrapper so they score some points for that.

There was a good article recently in Sports Illustrated about Johnny Evers.

The design is not bad.
I would have put the "Cooperstown" script somewhere not on the photo itself.  Make it look more like a framed portrait.

This is the only card I pulled like it, but in doing some research I noticed that Panini chose to chop off players heads, I'm assuming rather than airbrushing out team logos from their caps.  It's really annoying to me though and one of the main reasons I don't care for this set.

I did pull a nice Tony Lazzeri Crystal Collection card #112/299.
It's currently on Listia if you're interested.

I entered already.

Fred Howard Return

I saw a Fred Howard return from someone recently, then went and found this awesome card with a picture of Fred in one of those terrible White Sox uniforms with the big collars.

Dr Howard returned my card and a signed IC in 105 days. 

I dig that he added "M.D." to the card and "ChiSox 79" to the IC.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Padrographs Updated Me

Padrographs purchased the 2012 Topps Heritage Update set but only wanted certain cards. The rest, he said, were available for purchase so I jumped all over the Angels.

H590 Garrett Richards
Richards will have to work hard this Spring to earn that 5th starter spot

H593 Ernesto Frieri
Started out as a hot new closer, but then the blown saves started accumulating.

H607 Jerome Williams
Jerome became a nice pickup for the Angels.  
Hopefully he'll continue on that track as he's also targeted for that 5th starter position.

H658 Chris Iannetta
Chris already had a card in the base set so I'm kinda perplexed by this choice.

Also included were some great Angels cards from 2012 Bowman Platinum


And a Bobby Abreu jersey card.

Wasn't expecting that, a pleasant surprise.

This Topps Archives Danny Haren was the last card I needed to complete the team set.

Tons of Angels cards.

If I recall correctly, Padrographs also offered up other miscallaneous card lots,
so I jumped all over the Team USA lot.

Having the patriotic heart I do, I can't get enough of Team USA Baseball.
Red/White/Blue, American flags, USA, get me every time.

And an always bitchen Chome Mike Trout.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Long List From Listia

No commentary required.

Lots of good stuff.