Sunday, December 30, 2018

Angels And Patriots We Lost In 2018

My annual tribute to those former Angels and Patriots we lost in 2018.

Jack Hamilton
California Angels 1967-1968

Bruce Kison
California Angels 1980-1984

Jerry Moses
California Angels 1971

Julio Navarro
Los Angeles Angels 1962-1964

Marty Pattin
California Angels 1968

Laurin Pepper
Hawaii Islanders PCL 1963

Rob Picciolo
California Angels 1984

Joe Stanka
Los Angels Angels PCL 1953-1955

Moose Stubing
California Angels 1967, 1988

Related image
Bobby Trevino,
California Angels 1968

Luis Valbuena
LA Angels Anaheim 2017-2018

Alan Mitchell Edward George Patrick Henry "Dirty Al" Gallagher
California Angels 1973

Jim Crawford HB-FB
Boston Patriots 1960-1964

Don McComb DE
Boston Patriots 1960

Mike Montler C-G-T
Boston/New England Patriots 1969-1972

Bill Rademacher WR-DB
Boston Patriots 1969-1970

Andy Johnson RB
New England Patriots 1974-1982

Rod Rust DC-HC
New England Patriots 1983-1987, 1990

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Stocking Stuffers And Such

Although I wasn't into baseball cards as much last year as in previous years, my family was still nice enough to include some packs with gifts and in my stocking.

Nice to see Ohtani on the wrapper.
Not sure yet if I'll chase all the different Ohtani wrappers like I do the Trout wrappers.

SP Photo Variation


The 1983 design is still one of my all-time favorites.

 I also received this:
1995 Classic Hallmark Keepsake HK1
I had one of these in the past, but never had the card.
Cool to have them both now.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Million Dollar Man Who?

Diamondback Patrick Corbin has been in the news recently, signing a $140 million, 6-year guarantee with the Nationals. GUARANTEE. Sets a new record sum. He had a great season last year, no doubt, but we'll have to see how this works out for the Nationals.

So why am I talking about Patrick Corbin, the Diamondbacks, and the Nationals? 
I was recently digging through my Angels Relics box, and came across this:
2010 Bowman Platinum Autographs BPA-PC

Oh yeah, I had completely forgotten he was drafted by the Angels in 2009, then shipped to Diamondbacks in 2010 as part of the Danny Haren trade.
Man, I just can't keep up with who's who Angels anymore.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Vladdy Strikes Again

So I added Vladdy to my PCs earlier this year, meaning I'm hunting his non-Angels cards. When I did that I scoured by boxes and pulled all the cards I could find. Months later, as I mentioned in a recent post, I found a small cache in my Superstars box that I had forgotten about. This was just after I had picked up a few at an "antique" mall. Just now I was putting some new cards in my Angels Relics box and came across this:
1998 Pinnacle Mint #27 Brass Coin

I guess I'm not as thorough as I'd like to think.
Why he was hiding in the Angels Relics box I can only guess.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

One Page Of Dyar Miller

This series will highlight "one page" at a time from my binder of correspondence and autographs from former Angels and Patriots  players.

  Dyar Miller RHP California Angels 1977-1979
Correspondence received December, 2004.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Must Be Vladdy Week

The other day I stopped at an "antique" mall. In the same booth I found the Oscar Mayer discs, there were several boxes of dollar cards. They were having a sale, 25% off, but even at that, most of the cards would typically be 25-cents in the LCS. I flipped through a bunch and pulled 4 cards, mostly of Vladdy.

1998 Donruss Dominators #25
 Nice insert card, I'd probably normally pay a buck for this card.

1997 Pinnacle Inside #129
 It's a rookie card, although in rough shape, so again, I think a buck is reasonable.

2010 Bowman Chrome #172
To me this is definitely a quarter card and no more.

2008 Upper Deck X, Xponential 2, X2-KG
 I'm willing to spend a buck on Xponentials since they were inserts, with the X2s, 3s, and 4s being tougher pulls, and since I'm collecting this big set.

A couple days after the "antique" mall Vladdy finds, I was going through my Superstars box of traders pulling some cards, and came across a small stack of Vladdy that I had completely forgotten about. I had added him to my Player Collections earlier this year, so this as a nice discovery for me.

So, I've officially designated this week, Vladdy Week.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

I Love Hot Dogs, Especially 1994 Oscar Mayer

Actually, 1994 Oscar Mayer American League Superstar Round-Up Pop-Up Collectors Set, to be exact.

I found this box set yesterday for $4 at an "antique" mall, and once I saw that there was an Abbott and a Salmon in the set I had to have them for my PCs. These are pop-up disc cards, and I had never seen them before.

 Of course the logos are all airbrushed out because although they were licensed by the Players Association, they were not by Major League Baseball.
 Cool little oddball cards.
In the booth that I found these, there was also a National League set, but I had no interest in any of the players in it.
Apparently there were 266,000 complete sets produced.

Here's the order form that shows the checklist for both sets.

And all the rest of the discs in the AL set:

These are available for trade (the Griffey is accounted for). If you want to send something off my wantlists that would be great. Please only 1 or 2 per person as I'd like to spread them out, hopefully meeting as many PC or team collector needs as I can. Comment below, then email me your mailing address.

And eat more hot dogs!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Trading Ketchup - Stealing Home

Getting caught up with trades received this year. This one was from Stealing Home.
Here's a sampling of what he sent over.
2018 Gypsy Queen #108 Green
Unbelievable he signed with the Padres.

1990 Fleer Baseball Stickers

Checklists and Sweepstakes Cards

Thanks Oscar, much appreciated.

Friday, December 7, 2018

My Favorite Card of 2018

Contest from P-Town Tom to pick your favorite card from 2018.

I decided I would NOT be a homer and pick an Angels card. 
I'm trying to expand my boundries.

This was the first card that came to mind:
2018 Topps Opening Day #34
I would have used the flagship card because the Opening Day logo is a bit distracting, but I didn't have one.

I liked this card because it reminded me of one of my all-time favorite Angels cards:
I'm such a homer.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A Card Sheet I'm Right For

I always check out the magazine section at Half Priced Books. If certain daughter is with me, we first look for dog magazines, she loves dogs, and can identify just about any breed. If another daughter is with me, it's horse magazines, she's a cowgirl at heart. But for me of course, its old issues of SI for Kids (then I'll check for old issues of Rod & Custom, or National Geographic for vintage aviation ads).

Like I mentioned in the last post, I still have a subscription to SIK and enjoy getting the card sheets. I wouldn't go so far as to say I collect them, because, being a completest, that would mean I'd have to go back and fill in all the gaps to have a complete set. I don't want to do that. I just want to enjoy getting them in the mail and hoping for an unexpected Angels/Patriots player on the sheet, or a random athlete I find interesting.

Anyhow, a recent trip turned up 2 copies of an issue from this past baseball season:
The Red Sox cover from June of this year.

I was stoked because I knew what was in this issue:
Ohtani's SI rookie card!
I already have this sheet from my subscription, but it's always fun to find a few more. Maybe I'll dare to hand-cut one out.
The bottom copy is badly off-center, but that's okay, it still looks nice as a part of the sheet.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

This Months SI For Kids

Yes, I still get SI for Kids for the card sheet. In fact, I just renewed my subscription using some old air miles I had. I love looking forward to who the athletes are each month, always hoping to see an Angels or Patriots player. This months sheet was a little boring for me.

Meh. Like I said, nobody that really interests me.

This month the cards are numbered #782-790.