Sunday, December 30, 2018

Angels And Patriots We Lost In 2018

My annual tribute to those former Angels and Patriots we lost in 2018.

Jack Hamilton
California Angels 1967-1968

Bruce Kison
California Angels 1980-1984

Jerry Moses
California Angels 1971

Julio Navarro
Los Angeles Angels 1962-1964

Marty Pattin
California Angels 1968

Laurin Pepper
Hawaii Islanders PCL 1963

Rob Picciolo
California Angels 1984

Joe Stanka
Los Angels Angels PCL 1953-1955

Moose Stubing
California Angels 1967, 1988

Related image
Bobby Trevino,
California Angels 1968

Luis Valbuena
LA Angels Anaheim 2017-2018

Alan Mitchell Edward George Patrick Henry "Dirty Al" Gallagher
California Angels 1973

Jim Crawford HB-FB
Boston Patriots 1960-1964

Don McComb DE
Boston Patriots 1960

Mike Montler C-G-T
Boston/New England Patriots 1969-1972

Bill Rademacher WR-DB
Boston Patriots 1969-1970

Andy Johnson RB
New England Patriots 1974-1982

Rod Rust DC-HC
New England Patriots 1983-1987, 1990

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