Monday, December 17, 2018

Must Be Vladdy Week

The other day I stopped at an "antique" mall. In the same booth I found the Oscar Mayer discs, there were several boxes of dollar cards. They were having a sale, 25% off, but even at that, most of the cards would typically be 25-cents in the LCS. I flipped through a bunch and pulled 4 cards, mostly of Vladdy.

1998 Donruss Dominators #25
 Nice insert card, I'd probably normally pay a buck for this card.

1997 Pinnacle Inside #129
 It's a rookie card, although in rough shape, so again, I think a buck is reasonable.

2010 Bowman Chrome #172
To me this is definitely a quarter card and no more.

2008 Upper Deck X, Xponential 2, X2-KG
 I'm willing to spend a buck on Xponentials since they were inserts, with the X2s, 3s, and 4s being tougher pulls, and since I'm collecting this big set.

A couple days after the "antique" mall Vladdy finds, I was going through my Superstars box of traders pulling some cards, and came across a small stack of Vladdy that I had completely forgotten about. I had added him to my Player Collections earlier this year, so this as a nice discovery for me.

So, I've officially designated this week, Vladdy Week.


  1. The image that Fleer used for that Ultra card is really great!

  2. Good call. I had a pair of Vlads arrive in my COMC order last week.