Thursday, December 13, 2018

I Love Hot Dogs, Especially 1994 Oscar Mayer

Actually, 1994 Oscar Mayer American League Superstar Round-Up Pop-Up Collectors Set, to be exact.

I found this box set yesterday for $4 at an "antique" mall, and once I saw that there was an Abbott and a Salmon in the set I had to have them for my PCs. These are pop-up disc cards, and I had never seen them before.

 Of course the logos are all airbrushed out because although they were licensed by the Players Association, they were not by Major League Baseball.
 Cool little oddball cards.
In the booth that I found these, there was also a National League set, but I had no interest in any of the players in it.
Apparently there were 266,000 complete sets produced.

Here's the order form that shows the checklist for both sets.

And all the rest of the discs in the AL set:

These are available for trade (the Griffey is accounted for). If you want to send something off my wantlists that would be great. Please only 1 or 2 per person as I'd like to spread them out, hopefully meeting as many PC or team collector needs as I can. Comment below, then email me your mailing address.

And eat more hot dogs!


  1. Love these kinds of random oddballs. I'd love a shot at the Abbott if no other serious takers arrive. Also cards should come with sandwiches more often, especially given how ever-present the hot dog sandwiches are at baseball games.

  2. Wow. 266,000 complete sets? I wonder where most of these ended up.

  3. Whoa. I've seen a similar baseball-card sized version of these from Kraft but not discs which are very cool. I can send you a bunch of checklists for the Jack McDowell.

  4. I would very interested in the Kenny Lofton card please. I have got a stack of Angels and Patriots cards started for you.