Friday, December 31, 2010

Tribute to those that left us in 2010

Lost a lot of baseball guys this past year. If I had a card or an autograph, I included it. This is my tribute.

NAME followed by PLACE OF DEATH, DATE, ROOKIE then FINAL season.

Bobby Wilkins Shreveport, Louisiana 01-03-2010 1944 1945
Hillis Layne Whitwell, Tennessee 01-12-2010 1941 1945

Curt Motton Parkton, Maryland 01-21-2010 1967 1974
Bobby Bragan Fort Worth, Texas 01-21-2010 1940 1948

Hal Manders Waukee, Iowa 01-21-2010 1941 1946

Ken Walters San Ramon, California 01-26-2010 1960 1963
Sammy Drake Los Angeles, California 01-27-2010 1960 1962
Frank Baker Raleigh, North Carolina 01-28-2010 1969 1971
Paul LaPalme Leominster, Massachusetts 02-07-2010 1951 1957
Jerry Fahr Duluth, Georgia 02-12-2010 1951 1951
Jim Waugh Rock Hill, South Carolina 02-16-2010 1952 1953
Jim Bibby Lynchburg, Virginia 02-16-2010 1972 1984

Bob Chakales Richmond, Virginia 02-18-2010 1951 1957
George Cisar Elmhurst, Illinois 02-19-2010 1937 1937
George Strickland New Orleans, Louisiana 02-21-2010 1950 1960
Hank Small Griffin, Georgia 03-03-2010 1978 1978
Frank Bertaina Santa Rosa, California 03-03-2010 1964 1970
Jim Roland Shelby, North Carolina 03-06-2010 1962 1972
Willie Davis Burbank, California 03-09-2010 1960 1979

Ken Holcombe Weaverville, North Carolina 03-15-2010 1945 1953
Billy Hoeft Stanwood, Michigan 03-16-2010 1952 1966
Van Fletcher Yadkinville, North Carolina 03-17-2010 1955 1955
Joe Gates Gary, Indiana 03-28-2010 1978 1979
John Purdin Charleston, South Carolina 03-28-2010 1964 1969
Mike Cuellar Orlando, Florida 04-02-2010 1959 1977

Jim Pagliaroni Grass Valley, California 04-03-2010 1955 1969
Bob Clear 04-06-2010

Bill Moisan Brentwood, New Hampshire 04-09-2010 1953 1953

Dick Kenworthy Kansas City, Missouri 04-22-2010 1962 1968
Pete Castiglione Pompano Beach, Florida 04-22-2010 1947 1954
Ernie Harwell 05-04-2010

Robin Roberts Temple Terrace, Florida 05-05-2010 1948 1966

George Susce Matlacha, Florida 05-08-2010 1955 1959
Jay Schlueter Phoenix, Arizona 05-13-2010 1971 1971
Jose Lima Pasadena, California 05-23-2010 1994 2006

Rogelio Martinez New London, Connecticut 05-24-2010 1950 1950
Morrie Martin Washington, Missouri 05-25-2010 1949 1959

Jeriome Robertson Exeter, California 05-29-2010 2002 2004

Freddie Burdette Albany, Georgia 06-01-2010 1962 1964
Jerry Stephenson Anaheim, California 06-06-2010 1963 1970
Oscar Azocar Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela 06-14-2010 1990 1992

Bob Hartman Kenosha, Wisconsin 06-16-2010 1959 1962
Clint Hartung Sinton, Texas 07-08-2010 1947 1952
Frank Verdi New Port Richey, Florida 07-09-2010 1953 1953
Ed Palmquist Santa Maria, California 07-10-2010 1960 1961
Johnny Van Cuyk Rochester, Minnesota 07-10-2010 1947 1949

Billy Loes Tucson, Arizona 07-15-2010 1950 1961

Kenny Kuhn Layton, Utah 07-16-2010 1955 1957
Jimmy McMath Meadville, Mississippi 07-20-2010 1968 1968
Ralph Houk Winter Haven, Florida 07-21-2010 1947 1954

Larry Fritz Munster, Indiana 07-22-2010 1975 1975
Jake Jacobs Palmetto, Florida 07-26-2010 1960 1961
Keith Drumright Springfield, Missouri 08-07-2010 1978 1981
Gene Hermanski Homosassa Springs, Florida 08-09-2010 1943 1953

Nellie King Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania 08-11-2010 1954 1957
Bobby Thomson Savannah, Georgia 08-16-2010 1946 1960

Cal McLish Edmond, Oklahoma 08-26-2010 1944 1964

Don Lang Ojai, California 09-01-2010 1938 1948
Eddie Phillips Hannibal, Missouri 09-09-2010 1953 1953
Al LaMacchia San Antonio, Texas 09-15-2010 1943 1946
Wayne Twitchell Portland, Oregon 09-16-2010 1970 1979

Ray Coleman Norman, Oklahoma 09-18-2010 1947 1952
Al Pilarcik Schererville, Indiana 09-20-2010 1956 1961
Bob Shaw Tequesta, Florida 09-23-2010 1957 1967
Dale Roberts Lexington, Kentucky 10-08-2010 1967 1967
Valmy Thomas Christiansted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands 10-16-2010 1957 1961
Joe Lis Evansville, Indiana 10-17-2010 1970 1977
Otey Clark Boscobel, Wisconsin 10-20-2010 1945 1945
Tony Roig Spokane Valley, Washington 10-20-2010 1953 1956
Bill Jennings St. Louis, Missouri 10-20-2010 1951 1951
Rudy Rufer Lynbrook, New York 10-25-2010 1949 1950
Gene Fodge Mishawaka, Indiana 10-27-2010 1958 1958

Artie Wilson Portland, Oregon 10-31-2010 1951 1951
Clyde King Goldsboro, North Carolina 11-02-2010 1944 1953

Sparky Anderson Thousand Oaks, California 11-04-2010 1959 1959

Jay Van Noy Logan, Utah 11-06-2010 1951 1951
George Estock Sebastian, Florida 11-07-2010 1951 1951
George Binks Downers Grove, Iliinois 11-13-2010 1944 1948
Hal Bamberger Reading, Pennsylvania 11-14-2010 1948 1948
Ed Kirkpatrick Anaheim, California 11-15-2010 1962 1977

Walt Dropo Peabody, Massachusetts 11-17-2010 1949 1961
Danny McDevitt Covington, Georgia 11-20-2010 1957 1962

Steve Kuczek Scotia, New York 11-21-2010 1949 1949
Tom Underwood West Palm Beach, Florida 11-22-2010 1974 1984

Bill Werle San Mateo, California 11-27-2010 1949 1954

Gil McDougald Wall Township, New Jersey 11-28-2010 1951 1960

Cal Emery Tulsa, Oklahoma 11-28-2010 1963 1963
R.C. Stevens Davenport, Iowa 11-30-2010 1958 1961
Ron Santo Phoenix, Arizona 12-02-2010 1960 1974

Ken Lehman Sedro-Wooley, Washington 12-04-2010 1952 1961
Art Mahan Rydal, Pennsylvania 12-07-2010 1940 1940
Bob Feller Ceveland, Ohio 12-15-2010 1936 1956

Phil Cavarretta Lilburn, Georgia 12-17-2010 1934 1955

Steve Boros Deland, Florida 12-29-2010 1957 1965

Tom Vandergriff Fort Worth, Texas 12-30-2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Card Shop Day!

My kids had a bunch of other kids over today for a playday. That's always my opportunity to flee to the card shop! I had about a 3 hour window, plenty of time to go through the boxes of commons, so I went with a couple goals in mind. I had bought and received a small lot of 1965 Topps on ebay, so my first goal was to add some additional '60s era cards to go with the '65s I'll send out for autographs. My second goal was to fill in some of my Angels team sets.

One thing few people understand is the joy I get out of flipping through thousands of baseball cards. I can spend hours doing it, and I love it. The card shop I go to is actually 4 dealers in one shop. One guy is mostly supplies and newer stuff, one guy is higher priced older stuff and commons - but he keeps them in a locked back room and isn't always there, the other two guys are where I spend 99% of my time. They have the boxes of commons that I enjoy going through...and they're always accessable, and always 50% off. So I spent eleven bucks today and here's what I got:

A bunch of 1976 Topps to fill in my team set...

...and some 1974s.

I went through a box of 2010 National Chicle and pulled out the Angels.

I have to say that this set is very unattractive to me, and the Erick Aybar card has to go on my list of All-Time Ugly Cards.

I picked up some miscellaneous stuff. The 1979 Topps Rangers Prospects I pulled because I go to a lot of Rangers Alumni events. The 1973 Philly Coaches has Carroll Beringer who does a lot of appearances for the Fort Worth Cats. I'm not sure why I picked up the David Freese rookie.

All the above cards the guy gave me. I had brought him a big ziplock of top-loaders I didn't want (they all had price stickers on them). So in exchange he gave me the cards I pulled from his stacks. Super nice guy.

From the other dealer I favor I snagged a couple of former Angels rookie cards for half-off the listed price.

Two bucks is not bad for descent Dale Murphy/Lance Parrish rookie.

I was surprised to find a signed 1976 Topps Dan Driessen in the mix. Snagged it for a buck.

And picked up these beauties to go with the 1965 Topps cards I already have of these guys (excet the Boone of course).

Two hours plus eleven bucks equals a short stack of awesome goodness.

#84 Bob Meyer

Robert Bernard Meyer
Position: Pitcher
Bats: Right, Throws: Left
Height: 6' 2", Weight: 185 lb.
Born: August 4, 1939 in Toledo, OH
MLB Debut: April 20, 1964 New York Yankees
Final MLB Game: May 20, 1970 Milwaukee Brewers
Years with the Angels: 1964

June 12, 1964: Purchased by the Los Angeles Angels from the New York Yankees.
July 29, 1964: Purchased by the Kansas City Athletics from the Los Angeles Angels.

Starting as pitcher against the Washington Senators, he first got Ed Brinkman to ground out, but after John Kennedy homered and Chuck Hinton and Bill Skowron walked, he was replaced by Don Lee. The Angels went on to win 7-5 on Tuesday, June 16, 1964 (N) at D.C. Stadium.

Started pitcher in 5 out of the 6 games he appeared in with the Angels ending up 1-1 with 13 K in 18 innings and a 5.00 ERA.
Best Angels Performance:
Got his only Angels win after going 6 shutout innings with 5 K against the Kansas City Athletics on Friday, June 26, 1964 (N) at Chavez Ravine.

- Played for the Yankees (1964); Angels (1964); Athletics (1964); Pilots (1969) and Brewers (1970).
- Set a rookie record by throwing a one-hitter (for KC) holding the Orioles to 19 official at-bats (but lost the game 1-0) on Saturday, September 12, 1964 (N) at Memorial Stadium.
- First ever Lifetime Acheivement Award from the National Association of Trade Exchanges.
- Inducted into the International Reciprocal Trade Association's "Barter Hall-of-Fame". (You read that right)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Todays Mail: Bill Voss

Remember that Buddy Bradford 1968 Topps rookie card that he signed and I got back a couple weeks ago? How I said I was then going to turn around and send it to the other dude on the card, Bill Voss? Well I got it back today, and Mr. Voss not only signed it, but also signed the 1969 Topps I threw in and answered the questions. Sweet!

Voss played for the Angels from 1969-1970.

I asked Mr. Voss a couple questions about his time with the Angels:

I looked up the game he was referring to in question 1 on, not trying to disprove him but just looking for additional information. I realized that he must have been mistaken about the game being against the Orioles though. The only game he had with 5 RBI for the Angels was a game against Kansas City on Saturday, April 18, 1970 (N) at Anaheim Stadium.

I felt bad finding an error in his memory.

Retrosheet showed that in the first he hit a sac fly to right scoring Sandy Alomar, walked in the 4th, hit a grand slam in the 5th, and then walked in the 7th: came to the plate 4 times, went 1 for 1 with a run, a HR and 5 RBI.

For the second question I wondered if this was the same grand slam he was referring to, so I looked up "Angels Grand Slams" in my 2009 Media Guide, and sure enough he was the first Angel to hit a grand slam in Anaheim Stadium, and it is the same one he hit in question 1. Interesting that it took 4 years for an Angel to hit a grand slam in their new ballpark.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#83 Vic Power

Vic Power
born Victor Felipe Pellot Pove
Positions: First Baseman, Second Baseman and Outfielder
Bats: Right, Throws: Right
Height: 6' 0", Weight: 186 lb.
Born: November 1, 1927 in Arecibo, P.R.
MLB Debut: April 13, 1954 Philadelphia Athletics
Final MLB Game: October 3, 1965 California Angels
Died: November 29, 2005 in Bayamon, P.R.
Years with the Angels: 1964-1965

1965 Topps #442

June 11, 1964: Traded as part of a 3-team trade by the Minnesota Twins with Lenny Green to the Los Angeles Angels. The Los Angeles Angels sent Frank Kostro to the Minnesota Twins and Billy Moran to the Cleveland Indians. The Cleveland Indians sent Jerry Kindall to the Minnesota Twins.
September 9, 1964: Traded as part of a 3-team trade by the Los Angeles Angels to the Philadelphia Phillies. The Philadelphia Phillies sent cash to the Los Angeles Angels. The Philadelphia Phillies sent a player to be named later to the California Angels. The Philadelphia Phillies sent Marcelino Lopez (October 24, 1964) to the California Angels to complete the trade.
November 30, 1964: Purchased by the California Angels from the Philadelphia Phillies.
April 1, 1966: Released by the California Angels.

1966 Topps #192

Leading off the second inning, facing Denny McLain, he was called out on strikes by home plate umpire Red Flaherty. He later homered in the 6th ending the day 1 for 3 with 2 RBI and 9 PO as the first baseman against the Detroit Tigers on Sunday, June 14, 1964 (D) at Tiger Stadium.

In 418 AB in 192 G hit 13 doubles with 33 RBI and 28 R for a .254 AVG.
Best Angels Game:
Went 2 for 5 with 3 runs and 2 RBI in a 13-3 win over the Evil Empire on Saturday, June 12, 1965 (N) at Chavez Ravine.

Mr. Power responded to my questions many years ago, when I asked just basic and generic questions. I now do more research on the player and ask more specific and personal questions.

- 4-time AL All-Star (1955, 1956, 1959 & 1960).
- 7-time AL Gold Glove Winner 1B (1958-1964).
- AL Triples Leader with 10 (1958).
- 100 Runs Scored Seasons: 1 (1959).
- Stole home twice in one game.
- Hit 2 HR in a game 5 times.
- Loved to face Tom Brewer: 23 for 78, 6HR, 5 2B, 3B, 10 BB.
- Played for the Athletics (1954–58); Indians (1958–61), Twins (1962–64), Angels (1964-65), and Phillies (1964).