Thursday, December 30, 2010

Card Shop Day!

My kids had a bunch of other kids over today for a playday. That's always my opportunity to flee to the card shop! I had about a 3 hour window, plenty of time to go through the boxes of commons, so I went with a couple goals in mind. I had bought and received a small lot of 1965 Topps on ebay, so my first goal was to add some additional '60s era cards to go with the '65s I'll send out for autographs. My second goal was to fill in some of my Angels team sets.

One thing few people understand is the joy I get out of flipping through thousands of baseball cards. I can spend hours doing it, and I love it. The card shop I go to is actually 4 dealers in one shop. One guy is mostly supplies and newer stuff, one guy is higher priced older stuff and commons - but he keeps them in a locked back room and isn't always there, the other two guys are where I spend 99% of my time. They have the boxes of commons that I enjoy going through...and they're always accessable, and always 50% off. So I spent eleven bucks today and here's what I got:

A bunch of 1976 Topps to fill in my team set...

...and some 1974s.

I went through a box of 2010 National Chicle and pulled out the Angels.

I have to say that this set is very unattractive to me, and the Erick Aybar card has to go on my list of All-Time Ugly Cards.

I picked up some miscellaneous stuff. The 1979 Topps Rangers Prospects I pulled because I go to a lot of Rangers Alumni events. The 1973 Philly Coaches has Carroll Beringer who does a lot of appearances for the Fort Worth Cats. I'm not sure why I picked up the David Freese rookie.

All the above cards the guy gave me. I had brought him a big ziplock of top-loaders I didn't want (they all had price stickers on them). So in exchange he gave me the cards I pulled from his stacks. Super nice guy.

From the other dealer I favor I snagged a couple of former Angels rookie cards for half-off the listed price.

Two bucks is not bad for descent Dale Murphy/Lance Parrish rookie.

I was surprised to find a signed 1976 Topps Dan Driessen in the mix. Snagged it for a buck.

And picked up these beauties to go with the 1965 Topps cards I already have of these guys (excet the Boone of course).

Two hours plus eleven bucks equals a short stack of awesome goodness.


  1. Really wish I had a card shop that dealt in vintage. Good stuff.

  2. Yeah, and its like the lone servivor in the whole area. They're a dying breed.