Sunday, December 26, 2010

Todays Mail: Billy Bryan

Okay, not today's mail since it's Sunday and mail does not come on Sunday, but this came in Thursdays mail and I was booked with other entries.

Athletics catcher Billy Bryan signed my 1965 and 1966 Topps cards, and an IC in 6 days. Although Billy failed to answer my questions (that's like 5 in a row that haven't - maybe it's the season), Billy showed that he knows the drill...ballpoint on ICs, pen on baseball cards. He's a great TTM signer, at 100% on SCN.

My wife's sharp eye noticed that the photos on the two cards are strangely similar. A dead giveaway was the dude in the background on the left, and the foul pole on the right. Another example of Topps taking the shortcut. It's interesting though since he was with the club the whole season and not down in the minors. Maybe he forgot about Picture Day and missed it.

An even worse shortcut though is Billy's cartoon on the back. Poor guy didn't even rate a different career highlight.

Billy played for Kansas City, New York and Washington from 1961 - 1968. His career did not fare well against Dean Chance as he went 4 for 30 with 6 BB and 15 K for a .133 AVG.

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