Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Todays Mail: Bill Voss

Remember that Buddy Bradford 1968 Topps rookie card that he signed and I got back a couple weeks ago? How I said I was then going to turn around and send it to the other dude on the card, Bill Voss? Well I got it back today, and Mr. Voss not only signed it, but also signed the 1969 Topps I threw in and answered the questions. Sweet!

Voss played for the Angels from 1969-1970.

I asked Mr. Voss a couple questions about his time with the Angels:

I looked up the game he was referring to in question 1 on, not trying to disprove him but just looking for additional information. I realized that he must have been mistaken about the game being against the Orioles though. The only game he had with 5 RBI for the Angels was a game against Kansas City on Saturday, April 18, 1970 (N) at Anaheim Stadium.

I felt bad finding an error in his memory.

Retrosheet showed that in the first he hit a sac fly to right scoring Sandy Alomar, walked in the 4th, hit a grand slam in the 5th, and then walked in the 7th: came to the plate 4 times, went 1 for 1 with a run, a HR and 5 RBI.

For the second question I wondered if this was the same grand slam he was referring to, so I looked up "Angels Grand Slams" in my 2009 Media Guide, and sure enough he was the first Angel to hit a grand slam in Anaheim Stadium, and it is the same one he hit in question 1. Interesting that it took 4 years for an Angel to hit a grand slam in their new ballpark.

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