Thursday, September 28, 2023

Summer Trip to Florida

Took a week off to drive out to Florida, from Texas, to visit my daughter and son-in-law. I usually like to stop and see small baseball fields, but due to time constraints I opted for quick stops at aviation sites. Pulling 8-10-hour driving days is brutal for me nowadays, next time we'll take 3 days to get there and see more stuff along the way. It was a beautiful, mostly forested drive, 20 East to Jackson MS a jog down to Mobile AL, then 10 East into Jacksonville FL.

Here's our rental ride. We got a free upgrade to this, and it was a really nice ride. And we were able to fit a lot more of my daughter's stuff in the back too.

Vicksburg, Mississippi Welcome Center

Vicksburg Bridge (1973) and Old Vicksburg Bridge (1930)

Old Vicksburg Bridge viewed from Battery Benton on Navy Circle.

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile, Alabama

USS Drum SS-228

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, at USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

Naval Station Mayport, Jacksonville, Florida
My son-in-law is stationed here on DDG-109 Jason Dunham.

HMS Prince of Wales was in port.

Old St. John's River Light (1830)

St. John's Light (1954)

George R. Hall Airpark, Bobby L. Chain Municipal Airport, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Chennault Aviation and Military Museum of Louisiana, Monroe, Louisiana.

These were all just samplings of the airplanes, if you'd like to see more from this trip, or older ones, you can see them at my other blog Look! An Airplane! on the sidebar.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

The Hostess With The Mostest

 No Hostess cards today, but a couple from Burger King and a question about who might have the most.

TCDB #131 nozzlemaster

Some pretty cool oddball stuff, especially the 1980 Burger King Pitch, Hit & Run checklist.

It's hard enough trying to get Ryan's playing days cards, but having to keep up with all the new retro issues now is next to impossible. I wonder if anyone has done a study on which player has the most baseball cards? I'd go with Ryan, or maybe even Mike Trout with all the parallels we have today.

TCDB #132 Orry04

Always nice when these thick cards are shipped in a penny sleeve and perfectly fitting top loader.
I'm all out of the wider top loaders.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Don't Say My Name

My middle name is Herbert. When you stop laughing, I'll tell you that I really never liked it either, at least not when I was young. I was named after my uncle, who was a totally cool man, so that kinda makes it a little better, and after my older cousin, who went on to be a submariner in the Navy...even cooler. Still though. Not many friends knew it when I was a kid, I kept it secret to avoid being laughed at, and my best buddy's middle name isn't much better, so we had that in common. I've learned to embrace it, be proud of it, proud of my family lineage. That probably came with age.

TCDB #129 sandyrusty

Joe Oden Rudi and Wallace Keith Joyner

New card #444.
I was wondering to myself why he went by Jerry Don and not just Jerry, then I saw that he was born in Texas and I knew.

TCDB #130 BubbaV304

2005 Fleer Tradition. 
Why no "Tradition" on the card? Regardless, I love this set, such a simple design.

And a near complete team set of 2001 Topps Home Team Advantage parallels.

Thursday, September 14, 2023


Cleaning out, but I hate to throw stuff away. One man's trash is another man's treasure, although I'm not expecting many takers for this stuff. Comment on whatever you want, Email your mailing address. Please allow a month or two for mailing. Thanks.

Oversized Postcards

Braves Fan Mail Responses - TAKEN

Pat Burrell - facsimile autograph
Chase Utley - Real autograph

5 X 7s

Both Ray Miller are autographed

Dallas Green is autographed

Ray Miller is autographed

1991 Legends postcards

@2010 Fort Worth Cats autographs

Former FW Cats/Dodgers autographs
Tom Grieve autograph

Unused greeting card
1995 Batman Forever promo cards

Pocket Schedules

2007 11 x 17 schedule poster

Various ticket/schedule brochures
Long Beach Barracudas (X3)

Don Awrey Boston Bruins
Jim Furyk PGA
Gary Glick NFL


2011 Braves Fan Pack - TAKEN

Stadium Postcards

United Airlines 747 Cards

More ticket/schedule brochures
Cardinals (X2)

1997/98 Mighty Ducks

1998 Mets
2000 Tigers

Joe Walton NY Jets
Shane Andrews Red Sox
Bobby Hamilton Sr NASCAR
Tom Heinsohn NBA