Thursday, September 14, 2023


Cleaning out, but I hate to throw stuff away. One man's trash is another man's treasure, although I'm not expecting many takers for this stuff. Comment on whatever you want, Email your mailing address. Please allow a month or two for mailing. Thanks.

Oversized Postcards

Braves Fan Mail Responses - TAKEN

Pat Burrell - facsimile autograph
Chase Utley - Real autograph

5 X 7s

Both Ray Miller are autographed

Dallas Green is autographed

Ray Miller is autographed

1991 Legends postcards

@2010 Fort Worth Cats autographs

Former FW Cats/Dodgers autographs
Tom Grieve autograph

Unused greeting card
1995 Batman Forever promo cards

Pocket Schedules

2007 11 x 17 schedule poster

Various ticket/schedule brochures
Long Beach Barracudas (X3)

Don Awrey Boston Bruins
Jim Furyk PGA
Gary Glick NFL


2011 Braves Fan Pack - TAKEN

Stadium Postcards

United Airlines 747 Cards

More ticket/schedule brochures
Cardinals (X2)

1997/98 Mighty Ducks

1998 Mets
2000 Tigers

Joe Walton NY Jets
Shane Andrews Red Sox
Bobby Hamilton Sr NASCAR
Tom Heinsohn NBA


  1. I'm in for the Post Sugar Crisps cards and the ray Miller autos. I have some of those Post already. I collect Miller's, lol

  2. I would like cardinals schedule if you still have.

  3. Love the stadium stuff and the Expos stuff

  4. definitely would be interested in a couple of those Batman forever promo cards!!! You know me and Batman! ( i need to locate the batman returns promo card at some point as well for my collection)

  5. Would love the Dallas Green and Tommy Heinsohn autos for the Mets and Celtics collections, along with the Tom Seaver card/postcard. Thanks! Email coming.

  6. If you had any spare autographs, I'd take them off your hands.

  7. Royals pocket schedules plus any leftover schedules claimed by kcjays (TCDB)

  8. I'll take the Pawtucket Red Sox postcards, the Chase Utley auto, and the Red Sox 2011 schedule. Thanks!

    1. The Utley was previously claimed via email by Card Buzz.

  9. I'd be interested in the Dr. Pepper Rangers. Thanks!

  10. Thank you for the very generous giveaway! There were some really unique items. Love those postcards, but the one that fit my collection has been claimed.

  11. I'll take the orioles and reds decals. I know have friends that would love them. You can catch up with me on TCDB if you want.