Sunday, April 30, 2023

TCDB Completed Transactions #43 propmaker and #44 jsteved

 TCDB #43 propmaker

Pretty straight up trade: twelve 2008 Upper Deck for twelve 1989 Upper Deck.
I like those kinds of trades.
1989 Upper Deck has easily become my second favorite Upper Deck design behind the 1991 design.

TCDB #44 jsteved

I've only been trading on TCDB for about 2 1/2 months now, but this is the longest I've had to wait for a return - 30 days! I was getting a little anxious there for a bit, but he reassured me it was coming.
Wow! Gold Hot Box, Gold Medallion, Electric Diamond, and Gold Winners!

Those 2019 Topps - 2018 Topps Now Review is a set I'm collecting. There are 2 Ohtani and 2 Trouts in it meaning I also need those for the Angels team set as well.

That's 13 of the 17 cards in the Angels team set (numbered A-1 to A-17).
A pretty nice start!

Friday, April 28, 2023

TCDB Mail Call #39 KYTrader, #40 Jaysredlegs, #41 bluebandits, and #42 Abebauman

Big week for trade returns, still have a backlog of 8 trades incoming so I've been tapering off a bit from proposing until I get those in.

TCDB #39 KYTrader

I was unfamiliar with that Road Warriors set, pretty cool.
KYTrader added a disclaimer for the 1993 Hot Shots card in that the card was old and the technology of the heat sensitivity might not work anymore. I wasn't concerned about that, but thought I would test it out anyway:
Still works!

TCDB #40 Jaysredlegs

Love the Gold Rush cards, just wished they would scan better. 
It does, however, make the KC card genuinely look like a night game.
And the Smoltz rookie is really sweet.

TCDB #41 bluebandits

Nathan originally offered up a 2006 Topps '52 Rookies Erick Aybar signature card, but I already had one so I countered with the lovely Napoli card. So happy he accepted.

TCDB #42 Abebauman

Just noticed that the inset on the Angels All Time Heroes card has Ryan in a Mets hat. Huh.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Junk Mall Junk Wax Wednesday

 Ripping a random pack of junk wax from the local junk mall.

I'm assuming these were distributed at Canadian McDonalds restaurants.
Pack of four cards plus a checklist card with the chance to pull a Game Jersey, Signature Collection autograph, The Great Career, or a The Rookie Year parallel card.

Base cards

The Rookie Year "parallel" cards


So it seems that The Rookie Year parallels (tan cards) aren't really parallels in that they have a different design with a different photo (see the Curtis Joseph cards above). So they look nothing like the base card.
They are numbered the same as the base card but end in an "R".

So maybe the issue is that TCDB calls The Rookie Year a parallel set when in fact it isn't.
I dunno.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

March Radness Prize TCDB Transaction #38 madding

It's always fun filling out a bracket for the NCAA tournament, especially filling one out to win a prize through Kerry's March Radness contest. Typically, I fill out a bracket from my heart: who I would rather see win, instead of who I think would win. Consequently, I usually don't do well. This time however it paid off, somehow, and I ended up tied for Third Place which netted me a prize!

That's 55 different Angels cards.

Some cards from various sets I'm collecting.

Patriots, including team checklists.

Seventy-four cards total all coming through TCDB which is awesome because now they're already inventoried.

Thanks for the contest, Kerry, looking forward to next year!

Monday, April 24, 2023

TCDB Transaction #36 FreehanSolo Too Many Verlanders, and #37 mikerox

 Dennis carpet bombed me with Angels via a trade on TCDB, then added two more team bags full of "other stuff".

TCDB #36 FreehanSolo (Too Many Verlanders)

I think that completed a few team sets there.

With those 1996 Flair you'll also see a bunch of the Silver Lettering/Gold Background variations.

And these are the "Other Stuff"

Four fat team bags of cards, I think it's been years since I've received a trade that large.
Oh for the good 'ol days. It's a PWE world now.
Much appreciated Dennis!

TCDB #37 mikerox
Somehow that same Trout card has ended up in 3 different trades recently!

So, how do you guys handle a card like this showing multiple teams?
I'm only including it in the Ryan PC (non-Angels cards), not as an Angels team set card.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

One Page of Ellie Rodriguez

 This series will highlight "one page" at a time from my binder of correspondence and autographs from former Angels players and personnel.

   Ellie Rodriguez C, DH California Angels 1974-1975
Traded by the Milwaukee Brewers with Ollie Brown, Joe Lahoud, Skip Lockwood and Gary Ryerson to the California Angels for Steve Barber, Ken Berry, Art Kusnyer, Clyde Wright and cash, Oct 1973.

New York Yankees (1968)
Kansas City Royals (1969–1970)
Milwaukee Brewers (1971–1973)
California Angels (1974–1975)
Los Angeles Dodgers (1976)

Correspondence received July 2006 via the Atlantic League (offices maybe?).

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Card Buzz and TCDB Trades #34 MViP, and #35 griffey423

 First up is return fire from fellow blogger Card Buzz.

2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary #521
I love this card.

Pretty cool cards, but it's a bummer that it seems Jones' future with the Patriots is iffy.

Very glad to get more of these goofy 2004 Topps Traded puzzle checklists. Recently learned there is a blue back version as well as this red back. That means that if I want both checklist sets, I need 220 total cards!


Yay more stadium cards!
This is already my second trade with MViP.

TCDB #35 griffey423

Too bad Jett Bandy only lasted about four seasons, such a great name.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Junk Mall Junk Wax Wednesday

Ripping a random pack of junk wax from the local junk mall.


Pack of 16 cards (wow, remember those days?) with a chance to pull a Joe DiMaggio Yankee Clipper card or autograph.
Anyone know who that catcher is?

Pulled a Nolan Ryan which is always a nice treat.

Celebrating his 7th no-hitter.
I've mentioned before that my parents were at Ryans 3rd no-hitter in Anaheim in 1974 and that I have one of the ticket stubs to prove it (my brother has the other).

I always find it amusing when a ballplayer doesn't quite look like a ballplayer.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

TCDB Transactions #32 Easymoney2x, and #33 nozzlemaster

 TCDB #32 Easymoney2x

I know that's Rickey's arm there but the angle makes it look like someone is behind him reaching around with the ball, like he's got puppet arms.

TCDB #33 nozzlemaster
Sheesh! How many Rally Monkey cards does one guy need?
Topps sticking it to us again using the same photo and photo shoot.

I needed these Pacific cards for the Ryan PC, but I was also at that game that Ryan's number was retired and he was enshrined in the Angels HOF. We were sitting in the upper deck just about above Ryans head in that last card.

This was the final mascot card I needed for the 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack set.

Again, not a fan of players in their civilian clothes.

And on the back too!