Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Junk Mall Junk Wax Wednesday

 Ripping a random pack of junk wax from the local junk mall.

Pack of 12 with no chance to pull an insert.
Griffey Jr., Ryan or Frank Thomas would probably be the best pulls.

Pretty good pack for me: Pulled a Frank Thomas, two Angels, and two PC guys (Tanana, Murphy).
A little bit of bricking in this pack.

Anyone ever actually pay attention to the BARS diagrams on the back of these?
I never did.
I would however read the yearly statistics on traditional card backs, or in this case the Career line.


  1. Yes I paid attention to the BARS diagrams, because it was new and different and this was long before there was a strike zone box floating above home plate on TV. ... I wish '91 SC packs were still at the discount store down the street, even with the bricking.

  2. I'd love to see Archives do a throwback to this set, complete with BARS chart. They could have a lot of fun with the rookie card as well (like, use Babe Ruth or someone from that era).

  3. I knew about the BARS system... but don't remember being blown away by it. I'm guessing I thought it was interesting, because it was new. I was drawn to SC back in 1991 because it was high-end and hot. The fact that everyone wanted it made me want it.

    P.S. I once had my 1991 SC Frank Thomas sitting in one of those 1" lucite holders. That's how much I treasured that card.

  4. Never really paid attention to the BARS system. I could totally tell there was some bricking even before you mentioned it. Those early Stadium Club cards are notorious for it.

  5. I think I was too young to completely understand the BARS feature, though I do certainly remember seeing it on there.