Monday, April 24, 2023

TCDB Transaction #36 FreehanSolo Too Many Verlanders, and #37 mikerox

 Dennis carpet bombed me with Angels via a trade on TCDB, then added two more team bags full of "other stuff".

TCDB #36 FreehanSolo (Too Many Verlanders)

I think that completed a few team sets there.

With those 1996 Flair you'll also see a bunch of the Silver Lettering/Gold Background variations.

And these are the "Other Stuff"

Four fat team bags of cards, I think it's been years since I've received a trade that large.
Oh for the good 'ol days. It's a PWE world now.
Much appreciated Dennis!

TCDB #37 mikerox
Somehow that same Trout card has ended up in 3 different trades recently!

So, how do you guys handle a card like this showing multiple teams?
I'm only including it in the Ryan PC (non-Angels cards), not as an Angels team set card.


  1. Thanks again for the trade, Tom! I'm glad you liked your extras :)

  2. That was a very Dennis type of mailing. And I wouldn't include that Ryan in an Angels team set either.