Friday, April 28, 2023

TCDB Mail Call #39 KYTrader, #40 Jaysredlegs, #41 bluebandits, and #42 Abebauman

Big week for trade returns, still have a backlog of 8 trades incoming so I've been tapering off a bit from proposing until I get those in.

TCDB #39 KYTrader

I was unfamiliar with that Road Warriors set, pretty cool.
KYTrader added a disclaimer for the 1993 Hot Shots card in that the card was old and the technology of the heat sensitivity might not work anymore. I wasn't concerned about that, but thought I would test it out anyway:
Still works!

TCDB #40 Jaysredlegs

Love the Gold Rush cards, just wished they would scan better. 
It does, however, make the KC card genuinely look like a night game.
And the Smoltz rookie is really sweet.

TCDB #41 bluebandits

Nathan originally offered up a 2006 Topps '52 Rookies Erick Aybar signature card, but I already had one so I countered with the lovely Napoli card. So happy he accepted.

TCDB #42 Abebauman

Just noticed that the inset on the Angels All Time Heroes card has Ryan in a Mets hat. Huh.


  1. I don't remember those Hot Shots cards at all, but that is a unique concept.

  2. I hadn't seen the Hot Shots before either, but now I kind of want one!