Thursday, April 20, 2023

Card Buzz and TCDB Trades #34 MViP, and #35 griffey423

 First up is return fire from fellow blogger Card Buzz.

2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary #521
I love this card.

Pretty cool cards, but it's a bummer that it seems Jones' future with the Patriots is iffy.

Very glad to get more of these goofy 2004 Topps Traded puzzle checklists. Recently learned there is a blue back version as well as this red back. That means that if I want both checklist sets, I need 220 total cards!


Yay more stadium cards!
This is already my second trade with MViP.

TCDB #35 griffey423

Too bad Jett Bandy only lasted about four seasons, such a great name.


  1. Jett got a great looking RC as well!

  2. That Vlad Turkey Red is pretty great. I'm surprised that I haven't seen that one on the blogs before.