Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Junk Mall Junk Wax Wednesday

Ripping a random pack of junk wax from the local junk mall.

1995-96 Playoff One on One Challenge.
Pack of 12 cards with a chance to pull an Ultra Rare, Rare, Uncommon or Common card.

Tie Domi...Enforcer of all Enforcers.

Hey Joe, what do Juneau?

I think Jagr is still playing professionally somewhere at the age of 51!

Peter Douris #222 is a "Rare" card as noted by the solid-colored background.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Generosity of the Blogosphere

Maybe its that time of year, but more likely that's just how it is with the blogosphere, we're givers, sharers. There has been a recent rash of giveaways, take these cards, free stuff, guess the whatever, and Secret Santas lately. Here are a few I've received this last week or so.

It's Like Having My Own Card Shop

Dan came across a bunch of 1995 Score Platinum cards and posted about it. All you had to do was to be the first to guess one of the teams he had cards for, and you won those cards. Of course, I guessed Angels and BAM! seven of the cards were of Angels and now they're mine. These are real baeuties and I needed them all. Thanks Dan!

Topps Cards That Never Were

I don't keep track of trades and stuff like I used to, so I'm not positive what exactly prompted this padded envelope, but the note mentioned a welcome back to blogging, so it might be as simple as that. And that is another great thing about the community.
Lots of great odds and ends in this lot, stuff that I love. Thanks Jeremy!

Nachos Grande
Not-So-Secret Santa

Received a nice 140-card box of Angels and stuff.
Here are a few to represent.

Glad to receive another batch of these custom Ginter's.  I first received a batch years ago from Ryan. I'm honored to have more.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Junk Mall Junk Wax Wednesday

Ripping a random pack of junk wax from the local junk mall.

Pack of 15 cards which includes 1 Team Scoring Leaders insert per pack.

There's my Team Scoring Leaders insert.
I guess pulling a Gretzky is a good thing?

Monday, November 20, 2023

What A Poor Little Critter

 New to my unofficial top ten favorite TCDB usernames is "poorlittlecritter". Gotta wonder how that came about.

TCDB #158 poorlittlecritter

Thar Reggie was supposed to be the checklist version, which has the same image on the front. Dumb move Fleer, using the same photo on two different cards. Getting the correct card is in the works.

The Louisville Slugger card is a real gem. And the Salmon has a nice backdrop of the Rams renovation to the Big A.

TCDB #159 abide

The Fun Stuff Ryan caricature looks more like a beedy-eyed George Bush.

This one was a throw-in and very appreciated.

TCDB #160 DukeyDevil

Friday, November 17, 2023

Thick As A Nostalgic Brick

 I received a brick of cards in the mail recently from Johnny's Trading Spot.

Ah, the good old days. I used to make a lot of blind trades this way, packing a flat rate box full of cards. But then it just got too darn expensive, and because it was a blind trade my dupes boxes got too darn full. Regardless, this will be just as fun and exciting as ripping a new hangar box. Nostalgic.

That's about the maximum amount of cards one can fit into a Small Flat Rate Box.
The box was packed with cards for my side interests: checklists, special offer/etc., #444 baseball cards and such. The following are some examples.

This 1982 Topps checklist has a nice miscut (or misprint) on the back.
Don't think I ever seen a one-sided miscut.

The 1984 Traded is a beauty. A perfectly designed checklist in my opinion.

We all have our obsessions, and I love these types of cards.

If a player is to be featured on a checklist, I prefer those like the Perez and Ruth cards. The Ryan checklist is just too messy and hard to see.

A big stack of #444.

Sorting through this box will be a good Thanksgiving weekend task to complete.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Junk Mall Junk Wax Wednesday

Ripping a random pack of junk wax from the local junk mall.

Pack of 14 cards with a chance to pull an NFL Commemorative Collectible card, Super Bowl MVP, Santa Claus, or a SuperPro card.

Pulled a Super Bowl MVP insert.

This Rison is considered a NNO Promo. See the explanation on the card back.

Monday, November 13, 2023

A Very Quisenberry Bipping

 TCDB #155 MMehler30

These three Angels cards I received recently were surrounded by six 1988 Donruss Dan Quisenberry cards.

Pretty sure that's a Bipping.

I should know, because he Bipped me with Eric Show before, and I love it!

TCDB #156 silentj9

Kinda makes me cross-eyed when I see a bunch of these together like this.

TCDB #157 Benjac33

I like this card a lot. Not just because it's Wally Joyner and I collect him, but because Wally Joyner, who does not normally resemble anyone in my family, looks a lot like my brother Ken here.