Monday, November 27, 2023

Generosity of the Blogosphere

Maybe its that time of year, but more likely that's just how it is with the blogosphere, we're givers, sharers. There has been a recent rash of giveaways, take these cards, free stuff, guess the whatever, and Secret Santas lately. Here are a few I've received this last week or so.

It's Like Having My Own Card Shop

Dan came across a bunch of 1995 Score Platinum cards and posted about it. All you had to do was to be the first to guess one of the teams he had cards for, and you won those cards. Of course, I guessed Angels and BAM! seven of the cards were of Angels and now they're mine. These are real baeuties and I needed them all. Thanks Dan!

Topps Cards That Never Were

I don't keep track of trades and stuff like I used to, so I'm not positive what exactly prompted this padded envelope, but the note mentioned a welcome back to blogging, so it might be as simple as that. And that is another great thing about the community.
Lots of great odds and ends in this lot, stuff that I love. Thanks Jeremy!

Nachos Grande
Not-So-Secret Santa

Received a nice 140-card box of Angels and stuff.
Here are a few to represent.

Glad to receive another batch of these custom Ginter's.  I first received a batch years ago from Ryan. I'm honored to have more.


  1. Score Platinums are cool! Nice find there.

  2. That square Vladdy is pretty cool. Never seen that set before. Those 1995 Score Platinum cards are really cool too.

  3. I do like the Score Platinum's, but I'm more partial to the... partial Starquest rainbow.