Friday, November 17, 2023

Thick As A Nostalgic Brick

 I received a brick of cards in the mail recently from Johnny's Trading Spot.

Ah, the good old days. I used to make a lot of blind trades this way, packing a flat rate box full of cards. But then it just got too darn expensive, and because it was a blind trade my dupes boxes got too darn full. Regardless, this will be just as fun and exciting as ripping a new hangar box. Nostalgic.

That's about the maximum amount of cards one can fit into a Small Flat Rate Box.
The box was packed with cards for my side interests: checklists, special offer/etc., #444 baseball cards and such. The following are some examples.

This 1982 Topps checklist has a nice miscut (or misprint) on the back.
Don't think I ever seen a one-sided miscut.

The 1984 Traded is a beauty. A perfectly designed checklist in my opinion.

We all have our obsessions, and I love these types of cards.

If a player is to be featured on a checklist, I prefer those like the Perez and Ruth cards. The Ryan checklist is just too messy and hard to see.

A big stack of #444.

Sorting through this box will be a good Thanksgiving weekend task to complete.


  1. Wow that's a heck of package. I've never known anyone into checklists like you.

  2. I've never seen the 1984 Traded checklist before!

  3. A. Nice brick. When it comes to bloggers... Johnny has to be the king of the care packages. If not... he's definitely part of the royal court. I feel like I've received at least 3 boxes of cards from him this year... and a ton of PWE's.

    B. I remember keeping one of those "The Diamond Club" protector cards around... even though it says it's not an actual trading card. C'mon Pinnacle... you're a card company... you should know that if we can collect it and it's a card... then it can be traded... which makes it a trading card.

  4. I really like how Johnny wraps his bricks in newspaper. I've been the recipient a few times and always find it unique.

  5. Johnny's boxes are a treat for sure. Enjoy that big stack of cards!

  6. Cards arriving wrapped in newspaper certainly is old school.