Tuesday, April 18, 2023

TCDB Transactions #32 Easymoney2x, and #33 nozzlemaster

 TCDB #32 Easymoney2x

I know that's Rickey's arm there but the angle makes it look like someone is behind him reaching around with the ball, like he's got puppet arms.

TCDB #33 nozzlemaster
Sheesh! How many Rally Monkey cards does one guy need?
Topps sticking it to us again using the same photo and photo shoot.

I needed these Pacific cards for the Ryan PC, but I was also at that game that Ryan's number was retired and he was enshrined in the Angels HOF. We were sitting in the upper deck just about above Ryans head in that last card.

This was the final mascot card I needed for the 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack set.

Again, not a fan of players in their civilian clothes.

And on the back too!


  1. It's always fun to see Youppi make a blog post appearance! The Rally Monkey (x3) is a nice bonus.

  2. So awesome to have a card from a game you went to!

    I am mailing out some cards to easymoney2x today.

  3. Rally Monkey, Youppi, and Topps Total?! A great haul.

  4. I thought Rickey was still with Oakland back in '89. I guess not though.

    1. Rickey started 1989 with the Yankees and was traded back to the A's that June (after vetoing a trade to the Giants).

  5. Oh man two hologram cards I've never seen before? Time to hit up COMC…