Thursday, January 3, 2019

1961 Topps - Angels

My goal this year is to go through my Angels binders and document what I have/need for the different issues, starting with 1961.

1961 Topps Baseball was a set numbered through 589 cards, of which only 587 were printed due to there being no cards numbered 426, 587, and 588, but with two cards numbered 463. That makes the checklists I collect even more fun, sometimes there's three variations of a single checklist!

ANGELS I HAVE: 27/27 Complete team set
Its interesting that most of the players are pictured in other teams uniforms. That's because the Angels were an expansion team in 1961, made up of selections from all the other teams eligible players. So, I'm not sure how a handful of them got to be pictured in Angels uniforms. If from Spring Training, then why not more of them?