Sunday, January 6, 2019

Big Daddy Vladdy Padded Package

Say that ten times fast!
Received a fat package in the mail from Kevin who ran the awesome and greatly missed, The Diamond King blog. Kevin had reached out as a reader offering up some Vladdy cards for my collection, and what he sent was off the charts!
1997 Donruss #355
Pretty sure it was no surprise back in the mid-nineties that Vladdy would be a HOFer one day.

Found some Angels in there as well.
1992 Topps Dairy Queen Team USA #9
I love Team USA Baseball sets, and this Abbott is from another odd set I was unaware of.
There's a Todd Greene in the set as well, so I'll need to find that one too!

1986 Utah Sports BYU Cougars Wally Joyner
I don't think I've seen these before. One card from a set of 14 Wally Joyner's issued by BYU.
I'll have to hunt down the set.

2005 Donruss Champions #140 Gold 44/75

We all go through cycles of priorities, when collecting and blogging have to take a backseat to family and life, and Keven found himself in one several years ago which led to him having to set the blog aside. Hopefully things will open up for him and we'll all soon be treated to reading The Diamond King again.

Thanks Kevin!


  1. Who's your Vladdy? Nice lot of VGs! At least the DK is still able to enjoy parts of the hobby, esp trading.

  2. That Topps Gold Label with the Montreal Expos logo is fantastic! Also a big fan of the 1992 Dairy Queen Team USA card. I've been trying to add that set to my collection for a few months now.