Thursday, April 13, 2017

Trade Mail From Mr. Haverkamp

Received an envelope out-of-the-blue from Mr. Haverkamp. This envelope wasn't stuffed, but everything inside was FAT!

1975 Hostess Bill Singer #82
This card was on my Top Ten for a while, the last card I needed for the Angels Team Set.
Johnny Bench and Gaylord Perry were also on this 3-card panel.
I don't think I'll be chasing down a copy of the complete panel anytime soon.

1960 Topps #386
Another down for the Dodgers team set, which is a very large team set when you add in all the World Series cards.

1982 Fleer Baseball Stamps
Fifteen more towards completing the sticker album, only 30 more to go.
Can't wait to lick and stick!

Jim also included 2 more baseball cards numbered 444 but I'm saving those for future posts.

A very nice, unexpected surprise, thanks Jim!

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