Saturday, January 5, 2013

What I Won And What I Got From Cards On Cards

I won this on Listia from Madding (Cards On Cards).
I've always liked Bo Jackson, been fascinated by him actually, and I vividly remember the Bo Knows Bo hype in the 80's.  I saw something on TV about him recently, so now I'm going through my cards pulling out all the Bo Jacksons.
I didnt have this 1989 All-Star card so I bid on it and won.

This 2012 Topps Archives was up for grabs on the Cards On Cards blog so I asked for it and he graciously sent it over.
It's a hi-number SP.  Now I just need the Abbott and Joyner SPs for the team set.

On top of that he threw in a bunch of other Angels cards.

Nice 4-pack of 1999 Topps Stars.
It appears I have several versions of cards here: a Luminaries, a no star, a one star, and a two star.
They're all pretty cool cards.

Another nice design and great looking card, a 2012 Topps Heritage Chrome Torii Hunter 1237/1963.

Holy Victory!
A near half set of 2002 Upper Deck Victory!

And a gold Tim Salmon to boot!

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