Sunday, January 6, 2013

Angels Can Be Found At The Dollar Store

Sportscards From The Dollar Store had three Tim Salmon cards that I needed.  So in a PWE they came in the mail.  I meant to ask if he had pulled these from dollar store packs.

1995 Studio Gold #13
A Tim Salmon credit card... BRILLIANT!
A gold credit card with raised lettering, and a hologram sticker...

And facsimile authorized signature of Tim Salmon, and a magnetic strip on the back.
Looks and feels like a real creidt card to me!
Dare I try to use it?

1995 Fleer Pro Visions #5
Nice artistry.  See the Salmon jumping out of the water?
Also note the position of the ball (any of the balls) in relation to where Tim is looking.

1997 SP Marquee Matchups MM6
Nomo pitches, Salmon Swings.
Who do you think won the contest?

According to Retrosheet:
Salmon went 7 for 20 against Nomo, with 3 HR and 4 strikeouts.
Salmon gets the hit.


  1. The credit card and the Nomo ones were pulled from dime bins at the Expo. I just grabbed them because I thought they looked interesting, and seeing your wantlist, you could give them a better home.

    The middle one was from a 20 for $1.00 repack, as was the '98 Rookies and Stars that I didn't find until after this PWE arrived.

  2. I absolutely adore the 1995 Studio credit card design. I'd collect the whole set if I weren't chasing enough sets as is!

    The ProVisions card is campy, but I still love it.