Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Discount 2007 UD Future Stars Blaster

Extremely disappointed in this one.  Disappointed in the Angels inside, in the actual "Future Stars" such as an actual ROOKIE or PROSPECT, and in the inserts, and hits.  These are the best cards in this crappy blaster.

Gold #57/99


  1. I agree this product was crap I did a post I purchased a box and 99% of the box was current players so why name it future stars and the box and all future star type players on that you don't get felt ripped off on this one.

    I figured I'd leave you a message here to I have a Shea Hillenbrand that I can trade the Black bordered Topps cards email me we can figure something out Thanks, Dion

  2. I agree that the set was badly misnamed, but at least you got a low #'d card of player that several other bloggers collect. Of the two blasters I opened a while back, I got very little other than base cards.