Saturday, October 5, 2013

Who Are My Other 1983 Topps Set Collectors?

Finally got my 1983 Topps set organized and I'm looking for the following cards to complete this set.
Even if you're not collecting the set but have cards to offer I'd welcome the trade.

6 John Wathan Royals
25 Hal McRae Royals
38 Tim Flannery Padres
43 Bob Dernier Phillies
50 Bob Horner Braves
101 Pete Rose Phillies
104 Bob Walk Braves
115 Chili Davis Giants
121 Mickey Hatcher Twins
140 Willie Randolph Yankees
150 Bruse Sutter Cardinals
157 Steve Bedrosian Braves
162 mark Clear Red Sox
165 Dan Driessen Reds
169 Doug Flynn Expos
176 Dave Righetti Yankees
203 Mike Morgan Yankees
204 Junior Kennedy Cubs
223 John Montefusco Padres
237 Dan Norman Expos
245 Steve Sax Dodgers
261 Tigers Leaders
270 Dennis Eckersley Red Sox
285 Lance Parrish Tigers
289 Jerry Dybzinski Indians
290 Jeff Reardon Expos
291 Pirates Leaders
294 Dave Engle Twins
321 Brewers Leaders
356 Gary Woods Cubs
375 Pete Vuchovich Brewers
397 Pete Rose AS
407 Bruce Sutter AS
408 Rudy May  Yankees
414 Julio Cruz Mariners
430 Kirk Gibson Tigers
440 Ron Guidry Yankees
445 Mike Flannigan Orioles
450 Ted Simmons Brewers
470 Greg Minton Giants
484 Dick Ruthven Phillies
490 Jim Palmer Orioles
497 Rick Sutcliffe Indians
505 Garry Templeton Padres
507 Tony Scott Astros
508 Tom Filer Cubs
529 Tim Laudner Twins
534 John Butcher Rangers
545 Floyd Bannister Mariners
556 Willie Upshaw Jays
558 Dickie Thon Astros
585 Jose Cruz Astros
586 Frank Viola Twins
595 Tim Raines Expos
598 Dwayne Murphy A's
615 Garry Maddox Phllies
630 Paul Molitor Brewers
650 George Hendrick Cardinals
682 Bob Stanley Red Sox
683 Dan Ford Orioles
689 Ron Hassey Indians
696 Chuck Tanner Pirates
699 Lee Smith Cubs
700 Keith Hernandez Cardinals
702 Jackson/Kingman
715 Tony Perez Red Sox
717 Scott Sanderson Expos
725 Dan Spillner Indians
727 Chet Lemon Tigers
737 Mitchell Page A's
755 John Candelaria Pirates
760 Dale Murphy Braves
770 Dave Winfield Yankees
780 Gary Matthews Phillies


  1. This is my favorite set of the decade. I wish I had singles to send your way. Best of luck on building this awesome set.

  2. My favorite too, and the first wax boxes I ever bought, with money from my first real job. This set has special meaning to me.

  3. I've got 55 from a set I've broken up. I'll look up your email on profile and send message.