Saturday, September 26, 2015

Completed Angels Team Sets - 1982 and 1983 Post Cereal Baseball Team Cards

In 1982 and 1983 Post Cereal issued baseball team logo cards.

And you know me, any card with an Angels logo is must have.

The card was found in different Post cereals and was a foldable.
The front card featured the team logo, and on the back of it was a brief team history.

Here's the card unfolded, front and back.
The second card was a sweepstakes card you could fill out, tear off, and mail in, or one of those stamps had the potential of being an "instant win"
You could also cut out the stamps on the card, paste them to a game board on the cereal box and mail them in for a tee-shirt.

Fleer Sticker Project covered these issues HERE if you want to read more about them.

The 1983 issue was also a foldable card, but featured an instant-win rub-off card, and no sweepstakes mail-in card.
Winnings were either a ColecoVision (whatever that was) or an Autographed All-Star Team Baseball (National League or American League).

Unfolded front.

Unfolded back.
In this case the mail-in is tied to the instant win.

Mail-in coupon for the 1983 series.
This mail-in was used to receive the 1983 All-Star Game Team Patch, or you could mail away for the entire set of 26 team cards.

According to Fleer Sticker Project there is another version of the 1983 Team Card without the perforated rub-off and game rules portions.  I'd have to assume these would be from the mail-in set.

Again, an overview for this 1983 set can be found at Fleer Sticker Project.

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