Friday, October 30, 2015

Too Many Shapes And Sizes

Package from Too Many Verlanders that included items in all different shapes and sizes.

Standard sized Patriots cards.  
I like the severed foot flying in from the right on Malcolm Butler's card.
Just in time for Halloween. 

A Tim Salmon with a slide frame embedded.
Some really nice Tim Salmons actually.
Note the Wally Joyner Starting Lineup card, you'll see why below.

Grossly miscut 2013 Topps Heritage 50th Anniversary Buy-Back.
So cool though.  This is the only buy-back in my Angels collection.

Normal size and gargantuan checklists.
There were a bunch of these and some even larger poster-sized checklists.

2006 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Signatures #172, 14/99.
Super-thick.  Like paint stick thick.
Second thickest card in my collection.

1998 Donruss Studio 8x10.
Came in its own sheet protector.

1988 Starting Lineup Wally Joyner.
The figure that goes with the card above.
A bent-bat, ear-less, Wally Joyner.

I love it!

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