Friday, November 20, 2015

Matchbox Sky Busters Northrop Grumman B-2

I worked on the B-2 Program for many years. 
Tons of B-2 stuff to collect, but I stick mostly to flats: stickers, postcards, magazine ads and covers, promos, etc..

One non-flat I've collected is the Matchbox Sky Busters B-2 Bomber.
I have all but one.

2007 MBX Metal M8193-0910
United Alliance

2008 MBX Metal N7599-0910
National Guard

2010 Matchbox Sky Busters NORTHROP GRUMMAN B-2 (Nation Guard) blue grey bomber plane

2009 R0676
Desert Camo

2010 Sky Busters Missions V0232
Green 78

I don't know if there is a 2011 issue.
I've never seen one.

2012 Sky Busters Headquarters W5353-0910
Gold Copper Swirl

I haven't seen an issue after 2012 so I think 2012 was the last, or latest, one.

Makes for a cool little set.
Hung in a row on a wall it looks pretty neat too.


  1. I've always loved planes like that- so unique. I've never seen one in person, unfortunately. (considering I live just across the river from a military airport, I keep hoping). Matchbox discontinued the plane line after 2012, I believe.

  2. You worked on the B-2 as well?! I used to work on the radar system at Hughes back in the 80s!

    (and it's been over 4 years since we traded )

    1. By all means then, we must again. I will add you to my list.

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  3. i have the 2010 if you are still looking.