Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Minor League Cards Make Me Smile

Here's a small selection of cards from two team bags full of Angels sent from San Jose Fuji.

1988 Texas League 100th Anniversary #4 Doug Jennings
I can only imagine (and when I do I smile) what it would be like to see my face on my very own baseball card for the first time.
I think that's why I like minor league and prospect cards so much.

1987 Fleer #646 Willie Fraser and Devon White
What would stink though is if your first card was a combo with a dude you didn't like.
I'm not saying Fraser and Devo didn't get along, I have no idea.
I'm just saying IF.

2005 Throwback Threads Dynasty D-8
Just about that whole team qualifies as World Series Heroes: Salmon, Kennedy, Lackey, Eckstein...
I hope there are subsequent cards with their images on them.

2006 Topps Own The Game #OG30 Bartolo Colon
I remember thinking when this card came out in 2006 that Colon was on his last legs.
Guess I was wrong.

2013 Select #59 Mark Trumbo
I had a Trumbo PC at one time, but I gave up on him and dispersed it.
That happens.
I'm glad to see he's still jimmy-jacking the ball though.

2013 Goodwin Champions #97 Jim Abbott
Okay I get you don't have the rights to use team logos, but a TOTALLY fictitious uniform?
Abbott was never #31, and it's a stretch to match that uniform to the Angels, Yankees, White Sox, or Brewers.

1988 Panini Stickers #35 California Angels
Love, love, love the old Panini team logo/uniform stickers.
Man this is sweet.

Good stuff Fuji.

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  1. The 2005 Throwback Threads Dynasty is sharp and I may have to keep an eye out for my own copy.

    Some Google sleuthing confirmed '31' is what Abbott wore when he played baseball at the University of Michigan, so I assume UD used an image from when Abbott was in college.