Friday, January 13, 2017

Listian Patriots

Patriots are to be found on Listia.

Picked up this beautiful 2014 Bowman Chrome Topps Shelf Rookie TSR-JG.

Snagged 2 more towards the 1990 Pro Set team.
Sure I could probably pick up the whole set on ebay for a couple bucks, but how fun would that be?

And I picked up the following 1998 Fleer Ultra cards, in individual auctions, mostly running concurrently.
Individual auctions, running concurrently, for a bunch of related cards you want, is stressful.
But I think I may have come away with all the cards that were listed.

Gold Medallion done right.
Even though it didn't scan too well here, the gold really shines through in real life. I loved it when Ultra replaced the little round gold logo with the gold backgrounds, a much better differentiation.
Weird thing though, it looks like Bledsoe is about to sign that hat with a pencil, and is Chris Slade holding a baby?

Base cards.
Robert Edwards ran for 1,115 yards in his rookie season 1998, then destroyed his knee playing in an NFL sanctioned flag football game, barely avoiding having it amputated.
He made a brief comeback with the Dolphins in 2002, and played in Canada from 2005-2007.
I would have loved to see him destroy more defenses with the Patriots.

Very nice looking subset card featuring the Great Drew Bledsoe.

Now, where to get the rest of the team set...

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  1. If you want Patriots cards, I could probably give you a hand. I am trying to unload any and all cards that don't fit my personal collections and there are no Patriots in there. If interested, you can email me at tim(underscore)gretchen(underscore)marriage(at)