Friday, December 29, 2017

Angels We Lost In 2017

My least favorite post to do every year, but a tribute from my personal collection to those Angels we lost in 2017.

Dick Enberg
Angels Broadcaster 1969-1978
Next to Vin Scully, my most favorite announcer voice is Dick Enberg, and it helps that he called the Angels games I listened to and watched in my youth.
"And the halo shines tonight."

Bob Sadowski
Angels 1963

Morris Nettles
Angels 1974-1975

Ned Garver
Angels 1961

Todd Frohwirth
Angels 1996

Ruben Amaro
Angels 1969

Bob Cerv
Angels 1961

Jimmy Piersall
Angels 1963-1967

Bob Perry
Angels 1963-1964

Don Baylor
Angels 1977-1982

Paul Schaal
Angels 1964-1968, 1974

Jim Donohue
Angels 1961-1962

Rick Stelmaszek 
Angels 1973

Sad to lose all these great guys.


  1. I'm sure I say this every year... but we sure lost a lot of great athletes in 2017. I was really bummed to hear about Enberg and Johnny Bower this week.

  2. The younger ones get to me most it seems. Makes me far to aware of my own mortality. nice tribute post!