Saturday, February 17, 2018

What's That Griffey Box Doing In This Angels House!?

I'll tell you what it's doing in this house.
I accepted the Griffey box into this Angels home because I hoped that there would be some checklist cards in it. I figured by about 1993 Griffey was probably superstar enough to start showing up on checklist cards, and that the best place to pull some would be in the legendary Griffey Box. So I volunteered to be next on the list. And then I promptly forgot it was coming.

I was surprised to get a hefty Priority Mail box in the mail from Johnny's Trading Spot, thinking that I had no heads up for this, and no trade had been worked out (and seriously this was probably less that 2 weeks after I had asked to be next for it).

Inside there was another box. A cinder block of a box, all magled, dented, scribbled on and held together by the Top Three in Tapes: Masking, Packaging and Painters.

When I pulled the box out, my shock and disgust was audible. Who would dare abuse a Fleer sticker in such a manner? Not only did they actually USE the sticker, that's bad enough, but someone taped OVER most of it with at least two of the three Top Three in Tapes!

But then it occurred to me: Did John just send me a big fat cinder block of Fleer Stickers?
OMG!!! I've died and gone to heaven!
(See, I still had forgotten about the Griffey Box.)

Opening it up I saw T.J.'s name and finally figured out what this was, and after calling myself a couple names, I dig in with excitement.

Pretty fun going through the 500+ cards in there.

Like I said, checklists were my goal and thankfully checklists are what I found.

1993 Upper Deck #525
Traditional checklist with a ghosted background picture, very cool.

1994 Collectors Choice Special Edition #261
One of my favorite formats for checklist cards: half picture/half checklist and horizontal.

1997 Collectors Choice #247, 248, 249
I made it a point to turn every card in the box over to check the back. You wouldn't know these were checklists just by looking at the front.

1998 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion #473G
I loved it when Ultra when to the gold dusted backgrounds for the Gold Medallion editions.

And a bunch more.

 I pulled a few non-checklist Griffeys just because I liked them.
I have a small stack of Griffey I keep, but by no means do I have a Griffey PC.

1990 Topps 1989 Major League Debut #46

1993 Triple Play Nicknames #5
Needed for the set build, even though I originally wasn't going to include these inserts with the set.
Seeing this card changed my mind.

1994 Upper Deck #224 Electric Diamond
1994 Topps Gold #388

I got the box from Johnnys Trading Spot who had pulled a whopping 156 cards out of it. Fortunately he only pulled 5 or so checklists, and 4 of those were dupes of what I pulled above. Phew!
I pulled 19 (and replaced at least that many), which is way more than I actually expected to pull, so I'm very pleased.

I already have someone waiting for the box, so it's off to the PO!

Good stuff T.J. Thanks.


  1. Wow. Nineteen checklists? That's way more than I would have thought, too!

  2. Nice...I used to have tons of those era checklists at one time.