Sunday, June 10, 2018

I Got My Cards For The Taking Cards

Trade Post From Waiting Till Next Year

P-Town sent over a 500ct box full of my favorites: Angels, checklists, and sweepstakes, as a result of his offer of Cards For The Taking. A cleaning out if you will, like we all do from time to time. I'm still sending out packages from my clean out earlier this year. Anyhow, he sent me a ton of cards, but I only picked out a select handful to show off.

1991 Studio #21
One of my top ten favorite cards, and top ten favorite Angels. I had a few interactions with Jimmie Reese back in the 90's, and every time I walked away smiling and happy. The guy was awesome.

1992 Pinnacle #586 and #584
I have the the Jim Abbott/Nolan Ryan Idols card but had no clue these two even existed.

1991 Topps #736
You can clearly see the difference in shading of the ghosted Topps 40 logo.
Being a completest, this makes team set collecting even more challenging.

1992 Studio #148 and #261
The Langston is the last card I needed for the team set, and the Carew checklist gets me closer to completing the checklist set.

1992 Pinnacle #449
I like these cards with blurry players in the background, it's fun to try to figure out who they might be. I'm thinking it's Doug Rader who was the Manager most of the season.

1989 Topps #573
This card always takes me back. I remember clearly how excited I was when I first pulled it out of a fifty-cent pack back in 1989 (were they fifty-cents in 89? I don't really remember).

2001 Topps Logo Race Baseball Cap Offer Cards
Complete set!
Now I need to get to work on all the team stickers.

Some of the sweet Offer Cards Tom included.

Glad to be the recipient of your cleaning out Tom, thanks!

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