Friday, March 6, 2020

A 1968 Atlantic Oil Play Ball Jim Fregosi?!

I've never even heard of this card, had to look it up in my SCBC. But it came in a nice package of cards from Fuji recently.

1968 Atlantic Oil Play Ball #2c
A 50-player card set issued in perforated two-player panels given out at participating Atlantic Oil locations. You would collect and redeem certain cards for cash. This Fregosi card in combination with players numbered 1 and 3 won the highest cash prize available, $2,500.
Fregosi is the only Angel in the set, and apparently there is also a variation to this card as some had a picture back instead of the game rules.

1974 Topps #139

1965 Topps #124

1987 Topps All-Stars #33

2009 Upper Deck X Jersey #UDXJ-JW
Weaver has been in news lately speaking his mind about the Astros cheating scandal.
Glad to see he's still feisty as ever.

2013 Topps Mini Relic #MR-HC
Hank was out of MLB in 2017 after being released by the Diamondbacks in July of that year.
He's set to serve as a coach for the Lotte Giants of the Korea Baseball Organization this year.

1995 Comic Images National Pastime #90
This 90-card unlicensed super chromium set was Comic Images attempt at the baseball card market.
I'm not a fan of the set, but I sure dig this checklist.


  1. Never seen an Atlantic Oil card - very cool.

    1. I know, and Atlantic Oil has an interesting history too.

  2. Glad the package arrived safely. I stumbled across a bag of those Atlantic Oil game cards a few years ago at a flea market. Not sure if I even knew about them before that, but I think they're pretty cool.

    1. They're very cool. And it seems Jim Fregosi keeps popping up on numerous odd balls from the sixties.