Tuesday, June 9, 2020

You Win Some, You Buy Some

Recent additions from Listia and Ebay.
First up, Listia winnings.
1972 Topps #478b (Large Font)
The difference between the large and small font variations is really hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure this is actually the large font version, even though it wasn't advertised as such.

1986 Burger King All-Pro #12
I ate a lot of Whoppers back in the day in California, unfortunately at the time, these cards were regional to Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

1986 Meadow Gold Super Star Series #6
This Beatrice Foods set is completely new to me. Apparently a 2-card panel was printed on boxes of popcycles and ice cream bars, in the West and Midwest. This set is considered one of the toughest regional sets to complete. Very cool.

1985 O-Pee-Chee #63
I don't have many OPC Ryan cards in the collection.

I also won this lot of Dale Murphy cards. These came in an envelope with some pretty cool stamps affixed:

And lastly, an ebay purchase:
This is an oversized promotional card for Topps 1993 Batman The Animated Series cards. You can cut the smaller card if you want, but why would anyone do that?
A super nice addition to the Animated Batman set I'm working.


  1. Some very cool pickups. It has been ages since I've been on Listia. When I was on it I wasn't there very frequently so my credit build up was very small and it always bothered me that you had to get thousands and thousands of credits to "win" most of the cards there. For most cards or even small lots the starting value "bid" was many times what my meager credit pot was.

    1. OH yeah Re: checklist font size variations. Yeah it is hard to tell the large font from the small one.

  2. Oh man... I wish there was a Burger King nearby. I'd totally love to eat a Whopper for lunch today.

  3. I love(d) the Batman animated series. Good stuff.

  4. I'm with Kirk, it's been ages since I've looked at Listia.

  5. It's interesting that Burger Kind and Meadow Gold used the same photo, and after looking at COMC, I see that Doorman's Cheese and True Value also went with that photo for 1986 issues.

  6. Great stack of food-issue and oddball cards. Those Burger King cards came in perforated panels, featuring two player cards and one coupon per panel. Didn't know they were regional, though!